AP Thailand calls university students to train ‘AP Open House 2017 with ‘AP Academy’


‘AP Thailand’ calls on 3rd and 4th year university students in any field to train in real estate at ‘AP Open House 2017 with ‘AP Academy’ 
· Intensive civil engineering training in store for civil engineering students
· Sales and marketing internship programme available for students in any discipline to learn about sales and marketing in real estate industry
· Apply applications now open to 3rd and 4th year university students in any discipline nationwide until 16 December 2016, at www.apthai.com/career/openhouse
· 3 outstanding interns to be chosen for a field trip to Japan with AP business partner Mitsubishi Estate Group, the real estate powerhouse of Japan

AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited, Thailand’s leading property developer, is offering 3rd and 4th year university students nationwide in any discipline, including civil engineering, to participate in the ‘AP Open House 2017’ training course with ‘AP Academy’. The academy, Thailand’s first institute for comprehensive learning in real estate, was conceived and founded by AP (Thailand) to give university students the opportunity to learn in-depth about the real estate industry from AP professionals focusing on actual practice that will make them more knowledgeable about the industry while having fun learning something they can put to practical use, should they choose a career in real estate.

Applications to ‘AP Open House 2017’ now available online until 16 December 2016 at www.apthai.com/career/openhouse. The internship will take place from June – July 2017. Interested students may request further information at Tel. 02-261-2518 ext. 255 or 266 or at apopenhouse@apthai.com as well as campus roadshows from the AP Open House team.

Mr. Pumipat Sinacharoen, Chief People Officer of AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited and Director of AP Academy, said, “This is the second year that ‘AP Open House’ will open its internship course for 3rd and 4th year students in civil engineering and any other discipline from universities across the nation. This is part of the mission and principal component of ‘AP Academy’, the first institute in Thailand for learning full circle about real estate.”

“AP Thailand attaches the greatest importance to building people through actual in-depth knowledge for the new generation who will be a major force in building the standards for the real estate industry in Thailand. At AP Open House 2017, participants will learn full circle the processes involved in the real estate industry, be it marketing, sales or after sales services. The special focus, specially for students of civil engineering, is learning about construction on-site and managing real construction work. For students in other disciplines, the focus will be on sales and marketing training. In addition to receiving a certificate for passing the AP Open House internship programme, the students will benefit from the actual work experience that is available to them only at AP Thailand. It will definitely not be a superficial job assistant position offered by other real estate companies,” added Mr. Pumipat.

AP also offers a once-in-a lifetime opportunity for three students with outstanding performance during the internship to go on a field trip to Japan to learn comprehensive real estate project management from Mitsubishi Estate Group (MEC), AP Thailand’s business partner, and a real estate powerhouse in Japan. For the study trip to Japan, AP will be responsible for the students’ expenses, including travel, accommodation and food.

Mr. Pumipat added that: “‘AP Open House’ under ‘AP Academy’ has adhered to His Majesty King Bhumibol’s initiative regarding people development in an effort to groom our young people to become a major force in creating quality work for the future of Thailand’s real estate industry. AP Open House is committed to developing knowledge and work experience in the real estate industry to prepare university students for work life as they learn in-depth everything there is to know about the industry through their internship.”

‘AP Academy’, in its relentless effort to develop Thailand’s real estate industry, established ‘AP Open House 2017’ to allow university students to go deep into every process of real work, allowing them to learn hands-on everything from start to finish through action. They will be working alongside AP engineers, as well as the sales and marketing teams at various AP projects. The company’s professional team will act as personal advisors to the interns to ensure that international standards are adhered to in Thailand’s people development.