Miss Thailand Maeya Discusses “Achieving True Confidence For The International Stage”


Stamford_Maeya congratulation event_selected (1)Miss World 2014 finalist Nonthawan “Maeya” Thongleng, a student of Stamford International University’s International Airlines Management program, received her graduation certificate at a special event held at the university’s Leura Restaurant, attended by fellow students, friends, staff, and the media. Stamford University President Dr. Boonmark Sirinaovakul presented the graduation certificate and this was followed by an interview in which Maeya revealed that the principal source for her new found confidence stemmed from vastly improved English language proficiency and the development of other soft skills learned while studying at Stamford University. Stamford prides itself on delivering superior outcomes to graduates through student-centric learning, collaboration, and innovation and is immensely pleased to have been such a vital part of her success.

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Maeya believes her improved English abilities have also enhanced her professional skillset and will serve her well throughout her ongoing personal and professional development. Ms Thongleng said, “I’m very grateful for the incredible support I’ve received from Stamford University, which has been instrumental in my preparation for Miss World 2014, and to a larger extent the development of my professional career following graduation. I’m delighted that the efforts I’ve put in have enabled me to share in the lives and educational development of my fellow students, and I thank everyone for their kind comments and support, especially other students and members of my fan club who expressed that I have inspired them to follow their goals and career dreams.”

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Maeya’s transformational experience has spanned three years of study, starting with her original induction where she first recognized the importance of boosting her English language competencies. She said, “I chose to study at Stamford as I’m aware of the importance of English language; AEC is around the corner and English is its primary language. In the past, I could hardly speak English and was afraid of conversing with foreigners. I challenged myself and chose to enroll in the International Program as I knew this would push me to develop new skills. I am now more confident and able to converse well in English – it is the key that opens opportunities. Confidence is based on our ability to communicate; if we believe in ourselves, we can achieve anything.”

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In honor of Maeya’s exceptional contribution to the representation of Thailand on the international stage, she also received a special certificate of recognition from Mr. Ekasit Kansuwiro, Director of Student Life at Stamford. Mr. Kansuwiro, thanked Maeya for her outstanding contributions: “We want our students to find the right job following graduation to properly prepare them for professional life. Maeya’s success in the Miss Thailand competition and her demonstration of exceptional English language competency on the international stage at Miss World 2014 has served as a point of inspiration to her peers and friends. It effectively exhibits Stamford’s focus on providing all students with English language confidence and other soft skills.” The special event ended with Maeya conducting a personal interview session with the guests and media in attendance.

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