New BASIS Curriculum School to open in Bangkok


A new education institution will soon open –the fifth international BASIS Curriculum School   –to meet rising demand globally.

BASIS International School Bangkok will open in September 2019 in the Rama 2 area. The opening follows twenty highly successful years for the popular U.S. network of schools, which consistently produces students of the highest caliber who regularly appear at the top of US and International academic performance rankings.

The unique and focused, tried and tested BASIS Curriculum is a system in which youngsters often enter the best universities worldwide to pursue their ambitions.    The network has stated its mission is to raise the standards of student learning to highest international levels.  BASIS Curriculum Schools recruit faculty members who are fervent experts in their respective fields, as well as, managers who are ambitious, passionate, and empathetic.

BASIS Curriculum Schools constantly raise an already high bar in a science, technology, engineering and math focused curriculum. There are courses from logic, through music, economics, history, art, and sport, plus a variety of voluntary stimulating extracurricular activities to help build a rounded individual.

The new Bangkok school was conceived after studies showed a growing demand in Thailand for a more ambitious education system following huge demand for places at the BASIS International Schools in Shenzhen, China, which was established in 2015, and Guangzhou, China, which opened in 2017.

“In today’s digitized global world, the need for professional, multilingual international teachers with a real interest in children’s futures and an ability to help structure them is regarded as increasingly important,” said Carolyn McGarvey, CEO of BASIS International “That’s the goal of BASIS International School Bangkok: putting children in a place that provides them with the best opportunities for what lies ahead.”

The BASIS Curriculum Schools are known for treating every child as already programmed for success. It takes away any sense of failure. It grows a sense of ability, encouraging critical thinking skills.

Its teachers fully embrace the full psychology and interconnection between academic subjects, avoiding just educating by rote.

Staff at BASIS Curriculum Schools enjoy seeing their students succeed. They know many parents now expect a sociable school community that develops personality, manners, and contentment, with students using their brains to think “out of the box”. They want to see emotional and physical growth, integrity, a well-rounded individual capable of collaboration, and also of setting goals for life.

The BASIS Curriculum operates from preschool to 12th grade. Initially, the Bangkok school will serve students up to 5th grade, adding a minimum of one extra grade a year.