A Revamping of Peach Fares: Introducing Three New Types of Fares Roam around Asia on the perfect trip!


– New types of fares: “Simple Peach”, “Value Peach”, and “Prime Peach”

– “Prime Peach” will feature free of charge two pieces of check-in baggage and seat designation with the exception of the front row

Peach Aviation Limited (“Peach”; Representative Director and CEO: Shinichi Inoue) has revamped its two fare types to three new fare types yesterday (27 June 2017) .

While Peach has been selling two types of fares: Happy Peach and Happy Peach Plus to date, the styles and purposes of travel have been diversifying among customers. Some fly Peach for day trips abroad or trips decided at the spur of the moment while many others use Peach for visits to medical facilities, for nursing care, or for homecomings. To continue to respond flexibly to the varying styles of travel among customers, Peach is introducing a revamping to three new types of fares yesterday.

The three new types of fares are “Simple Peach”, “Value Peach”, and “Prime Peach”. As it will become possible for customers to select their fare type according to the style or needs of their travel, such as people who wish to enjoy air travel on Peach with low fares, those who really want to designate their seats, or those who would like to travel reasonably while carrying a lot of luggage, they will be able to more fully enjoy air travel in a way that’s uniquely Peach.

For details on the new fare types, please see the reference material on the next page or visit the official Peach website at www.flypeach.com.

Peach will continue to deliver the appeals of traveling to many people through (its offer of) happy, casual journeys in the air.