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New! Lampang: Undiscovered Chae Son & Wat Pha Phu Dang


Depart from Chiang Mai for a relaxing hour drive to Chae Son National Park. Located in northeast Lampang province in the districts of Muang Bahn and Jae Hom, it covers a mountainous area of about 592 square kilometres. The forests and mountains of Chae Son provide an important water source for the surrounding area.

The Park has many interesting features including waterfalls, caves, and its famous hot springs. After lunch a drive by car to Jae Hom district to visit one of the most unique temples in Thailand – Wat Phar Phu Dang. The temple is also one of the top “10 Unseen Thailand 2014 Attractions”. This pristine temple sits atop a mountain crest at 700 metres above sea level. Located north of Lampang province, the mountain lookout has an incredible 360-degree panorama of the valleys below.