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Bangkok’s Classy Dining & Nocturnal Venues

Sushi MondaysThe culinary aspect is part of the hospitality service industry in which the competition has been heating up for a decade.

The idea to renovate to add new exciting dimension and captivating environment to an eatery is becoming the central goal in marketing content that many hotel dining and independent bistros along the heart of Sukhumvit are going to apply in order to live up with the expectation of the existing customers and definitely to attract new clients. This also includes finding out how to create new affordable dishes with new taste in a reasonable portion and price so as to challenge the tongue.

Bangkok’s dining scene has evolved and gone so far that the fusion has been gradually rained out from the culinary dictionary and zero into the ability to redefine the authenticity as people living in the modern lifestyle prefer what it calls never-experience-before kind of eatable thing, including creative motif with modern twist and yet authentic flavor, which is what the restaurants in the present time are going to achieve instead of being confused mixing two or more nations into a dish. We took time off going out for a date, dinging with friends, doing review, and sipping bubble drinks with well-presented fare among the worry-free ambience along the Sukhumvit road. Check out the editor’s choices of eateries to fulfill your passion of gastronomy. I hope that the following listing will more or less provide you with the culinary platform to realize a memorable dining moment in the city and experience the exceptional phenomenon of taste in plate artistically set in front of you with an impeccable dining atmosphere and seamless service.

BarSu is a benchmark of a modern, conceptual cocktail bar and after dark haunt that gives customers the chance to chill out, eat, play, and finally, get you on the dance floor. Situated on the ground floor of Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, BarSu is bathed with soft black and moody red furniture, while its restrooms are dominated by mystifying blue tunes. The overall atmosphere is cosy, modern, exciting and vibrant. BarSu has been designed to be the new meeting place for people who love casual dining, excellent wines, exclusive cocktails and an enjoyable nightlife with friends. It wasn’t that we were drunk or anything, but we could hardly differentiate between the restroom doors until we saw the little sexy legs juxtaposed.
The main bar takes up the entire centre of the bar and is surrounded by dozens of stylish and comfy black armchairs, lounge areas and private dining and drinking areas for guests that come in groups. The wine cellar is impressively stocked with wines acquired from around the world. A spacious dance floor is where guests get to release their emotions and dance to eclectic party sounds. As for the music, BarSu’s play list is a mix of soul, funk, rock, sounds of the 70’s and 80’s, and the up-tempo rhythms of the world music. Sorry, no hip-hop, house or techno available here. Celebrate the day of love with a magical evening of seduction and fine wines at BarSu’s Valentine’s Wine Tasting. Lovers at the chic club will enjoy a selection of outstanding wines paired with delicious pass around light bites, all for just Bt1,600 per person. BarSu, Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit. For more info, contact +66 (0) 2649-8358 or visit www.barsubangkok.com


The Tables  is well a reflection of the nostalgic memories of Europe that Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok has brought to Bangkok’s burgeoning dining scene to deliver an aura of ritzy dining to delight all dinners. “Tables” is the classic European restaurant on the idealistic Mezzanine level that has been established to evoke the nostalgia French and European dining in the past while the finish with French-inspired live cooking tables helps make the restaurant a pioneer of a dynamic cooking show to sensually enhance the taste of your favorite dishes.

The idea in design of the restaurant was created by the world-renowned designer Tony Chi, which he wished to hark all dinners back to the bygone day of classic French and European table service style when cooking is elaborately done on a gueridon trolley and serve to your table in the full view of guest in the restaurant. The concept of live cooking table here is based on such classical art of dining in Europe twisted with some modern and creative twist to create a sense of culinary show to compliment dining experience.

The overall atmosphere is classic, elegant, very formal, but not so intimate. The bronze tone and dark dim light dominate the whole area to make it more subtle and charming. Most of decorative items, including table setting and seating, are sourced from Thailand but refinished and designed to borrow the glimpse of French and Europe. Tables features one spacious dining area that can accommodate more than 100 customers. The main dining area formally equipped with five live cooking tables with glass shelve for keeping wine glass, dining tools and sauces. The restaurant also highlights its two enticing private dining room—Chamber room and Cellar room, which boast high-ceiling concept and finished with colored glass imported from Argentina to exude a exotic feeling. For more info, contact Tel +66 (0) 2714 1928.

Fan of Japanese cuisine should not be missed to have fresh bite at “Tsu Nami”, the signature and award-winning of JW Marriott Bangkok. The restaurant is split into tow exciting restaurants by Bangkok’s largest Skate and Sushi bar. One side is Tsu, serving simply classical, decorative dishes, while the other is Nami, a stage for displays by the hot plate Teppanyaki chefs. Moreover, it’s also launching the new concept “Sunday Brunch” to present the best of Japanese delicacies of eating fresh and grilled items, making it the first-ever Japanese-oriented brunch for all you discerning and savvy food critics. Tsu Nami is a well-established Japanese eatery you wouldn’t be forgiven for forgetting to come to satisfy the tongue. For more info, contact Tel +66 (0) 2656 7700.

In Bangkok, there are many new Japanese eateries that claim to have delightfully unique tastes that you really must try, but your dimension of Japanese dining experience would never be complete without trying the authentic Japanese delicacies of Shun No Mai in the heart of Sukhumvit, where you will realize what makes Japanese dishes Japanese.

Shun No Mai is one of a few and distinguished Japanese dining culture that has arrived in Bangkok to highlight not only the freshness, but also the delightfully authentic sense of taste like having Japanese food in Japan, which is the main concern of Shun No Mai. Conveniently located on the M Floor (the same level as the BTS (Ekkamai) skylink, Ekkamai Gateway Shopping Mall, Shun No Mai has the capacity of nearly 100 guests with one private dining room upstairs and the large dining area. The interior is finished with an oriental and modern texture.

The main dining area features an open “Show Kitchen” for diners to see Master Chef Goda Katsumi in action and also feast on a large variety of authentic Japanese dishes from “A La Carte Buffet” menus, which such open kitchen concept is actually the origin of Japanese style. Japanese food is very healthy and Shun No Mai maintains this pedigree with the freshness of its imported ingredients. The interesting point is that, they said, the menus will be seasonally characterized according to the four seasons in Japan. Shun-No-Mai is part of the highly successful Kazokutei chain of restaurants from Osaka and was brought to Thailand by Somboon Food and Beverage Company Limited.
Yearning for French inspiration? You could be excused for forgetting some of the recently opened or established names in French eateries since the profusion of traditional and conceptual French dining venues are increasingly ruling the town. But you could not be forgiven if you forget Reflexions, one of the best modern French cuisines in town located on the third floor of the Plaza Athénée Bangkok.
The award-winning Reflexions is still a name for the future as far as fine French dining is concerned as here you can also enjoy some of the best wines from around the world. It excels where other French restaurants fall flat with modern and enticing ambience adding to the thrill of eating some of the best cuisine the world has to offer. Float across the marble floor and around the long brushed-metal bar and into the cool glow of blue and violet light that helps to set the mood. A vocalist backed by a jazz trio helps put you in the mood as does the black, pin-holed ceiling of twinkling stars. For more info, contact +66 (0) 2650 8800.
Soi Ekkamai (Sukhumvit 63) is not only the home to a number of hectic night spots and exclusive clubs and bars for bashers, party goers, and playboys to have an unforgiving night out in Bangkok, but it’s also the home to the sophisticated and stylish roof-top Italian bistro “Fuzio”, where you will enjoy an innovative range of Italian dishes and of course the panoramic view of the endless stretches of the city.
Tucked away in the idyllic Ekkamai Soi 7, “Fuzio” is derived and trendily-adapted from an English word “Fusion” So, you can see a good mix between the east and west under the same roof. The modern interior design and decoration, table setting, subtle lighting, foods and drinks, and bare ceiling help represent the west while the unique Thai hospitality and service and wooden furniture exudes the sense of the east.

The overall ambience is serene, stylish, relaxed, lively, intimate, spacious, friendly, and worry-free for all guests to come to enjoy after the hard working during the day time. Even if it’s located on just only 6th floor, but it can no less provide an amazing view of Bangkok to its dinners at the airy terrace and comfy al fresco dining area, where guest can sit down, lay their back, and have a romantic tête-à-tête while sipping on a distinguished cocktail or a glass of top class bubbly.

What makes Fuzio stands above the rest is the spaciousness of the indoor dining area which is fabulously and exquisitely designed in lounge style as the atmosphere is just intimate and friendly. Its interior facet actually evokes images of classic yet trendy feel that is conducive to family, group of friends, including corporate gatherings. Furthermore, the food is impeccable and most certainly fulfills its promise of using fresh and import ingredients to create a truly Italian taste.

Guests are sure to be enlivened by a private wine cellar that houses international wines while bar area is sure to cater guests with an impressive selection of the most premium and authentic bubble drinks. Fuzio also provides guests with private dining rooms with large glass windows offering spectacular river views that can accommodate of up to 10 people or more. For more info, contact +66 (0) 2711 6999 or visitwww.fuzio.co.th

Bangkok is loaded with award-winning restaurants as most people are not only demanding for the deliciousness of the meal, but are also concerning for the high standard of the food preparation, presentation, and the freshness for healthy. Japanese eatery is sharply the right position to gain benefits and meet those points as people in the modern lifestyle trend to be health and beauty conscious. The Kisso Japanese restaurant is one of the noticeable Japanese outlets in Sukhumvit. Kisso is a modern Japanese cuisine, it’s not just the new Japanese cuisine in town, but its quality and western innovative fusion dishes, especially the freshness, whish is the essence of Japanese eatery, make it worth visiting and that make Kisso the second to none in the vicinity.

Situated on the 8th floor of Westin Grand Sukhumvit, Kisso is the clear evidence and one of a few Japanese restaurants that doesn’t adhere to the draconian ideals of authenticity. It could be other, contemporary or modern, and fusion. The atmosphere is modern Japanese complimented by minimalist furniture. Interior of the whole is very simple and spacious, not fastidious and meticulous, but modern.

Weddings at Tables

Japanese food is one of the world’s healthy foods. Kisso accentuates on freshness of the ingredients. Most of the ingredients used in its array of mouth-watering specialties and dining tools are imported from Japan, which help attribute to the definite Japanese taste.
Japanese delicacies here are available for both a la carte and set menu. There are lists of hot and cold appetizers, wide selection of sushi and sashimi items, teppanyaki, soups and salads. Grilled, steamed or broiled, fried, and hot pot items are also on offer. The price is moderate, not too expensive as they are comprehensively compatible with the authentic taste of Japanese, actually. For more info, contact +66 (0) 2207 8000

Looking for a homey, peaceful, small and yet chic eatery for a dining experience suitable for an intimate dinner for two, a special gathering, or small group functions, La Bottega di Luca is well one of a very nice venues among handful number of independent Italian bistros in Sukhumvit area to help transport you to enjoy the traditional Mediterranean Italian touch as its stylish ambience is the good compliment and perfect match to the modern and creative twists that the Chef and owner Luca Appino has added to his culinary delights.

La Bottega features indoor dining area, open bar, one private dining rooms with the impressive wine cellar, but dinging alfresco is more recommended, which can accommodate and cater more than 60 guests. The use of wooden floor and tables is the key idea in design to evoke a warm tone and natural harmony while the addition of imported Italian goods and decoration on the wall make the overall interior become more playful and lively. Such idea and the blend of high quality leather chairs and comfy sofas also help sport the timeless elegance and stress the authenticity as well.

Tucked in Sukhumvit Soi 49, La Bottega boasts traditional Mediterranean-Italian classics with creative twists as Luca and dishes are prepared to perfection using imported ingredients from Italy. For example, fresh gorgonzola cheese and pork sausages come from Piedmont. Likewise, burrata cheese is from Puglia, red prawn from Sicily and truffles from Alba. It’s been said that the Chef Luca also takes pride in his small plantation, which is dedicated to organically grown Italian herbs. Almost every item on the menu is homemade including the breads and pastries, as well as 13 kinds of fresh and dry pasta. For more info, contact +66 (0) 2204 1731
Wine Republic is one of the top wine dinner choices and those yearning for an excellent appetite to suit gourmet dinner cannot be forgiven for forgetting to sample some of the best wine haunts in Sukhumvit area. Idyllically situated at the front of Thonglor Soi 10, the Wine Republic has grown up from an unknown spot opened quietly to a well established destination for both Bangkokians and internationals to become a perfect hip and trendy rendezvous for tête-à-tête, dining, and sipping wines and fashionable choices of cocktails. The recommended dishes include Dixie Two Step Pizza, which the topping is perfected by the combination of BBQ Sauce, Chicken, Red Onion, Cheddar Cheese), Grilled BBQ Pork Ribs, Grilled Salmon Pesto Sauce, and end your meal with Warm Chocolate Souffle, which is nicely served with vanilla ice-cream.
Wine Republic, 137 Thonglor Soi 10. Daily open (5.30pm – 1.30am) www.facebook.com/rpb.wine

Le Bar De L’hôtel at the lobby of Sofitel Sukhumvit is among the hippest bars to socialize and sip some romantic cocktail while listen beautiful and soulful tune to start your night. Here you and your couple can come to enjoy live performance by Diva artists and DJ, sample fine wines, cocktails and spirits in the comfort. And a few minute from The Sofitel Sukhumvit is Leapfrog Restaurant and Bar, which is among the latest night-out sensation in Bangkok’s central business district. Tucked in Soi Sukhumvit Soi 10 at the rooftop of Ramada Encore Sukhumvit, it’s designed by award-winning Kevin Christison from San Francisco, the bar is slated to bring you back to the days where dining out was fun and entertaining. Leapfrog offers various indoor and outdoor dining options depending on your mood, budget and occasion. Its resident D.J. will start to entertain you and your party from around 9pm until 01:00 am daily. For more info, contact +66 (0) 2615 0999 or visitwww.ramadaencorebangkok.com

At the Rajchaprasong intersection, Spasso Restaurant & Bar of Grand Hyatt Erawan has been said by some night goers that Spasso is the place for beautiful Thai women donning tight-fitting cocktail dresses, sip over-priced wine and lure men into engaging situations. We don’t think so anymore as we think Spasso is quite a worry-free Italian cuisine with classic area for dining and energetic space for hosting a funky party. The dishes here look fresh with high-class ingredients, loving preparation, and godly flavors. Spasso, Ground floor of Grand Hyatt Erawan at the corner or Rajadamri and Rama I Roads. 494 Rajadamri Road. Opens as a restaurant at 6:30, live music starts 10 pm-2am nightly. For more info, contact +66 (0) 2254 1234.
Another interesting musical dungeon to have ice cool draught and expertly mixed cocktails and definitely the good live music playing along is The Huntsman, which is located just to the right (lower ground floor) of the Landmark hotel, Sukhumvit, Bangkok. The Huntsman pub is an English style pub with a wooden bar and wooden tables and chairs making it look and feel like a typical English pub as well as televised sporting events. For reservation, call +66 (0) 2254 0404.

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Written by Rangsan Srirat