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Krabi is free of MERS-CoV, provincial health official confirms

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Krabi, a famous tourism province of Thailand, has stepped up MERS-CoV surveillance to ensure safety of all tourists, revealed chief of the Krabi Public Health Office Panas Soponpong. The higher level of surveillance has been instructed in all provinces including Krabi after the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed the virus outbreak in South Korea.

Krabi authorities have conducted strict inspection of tourists coming in and leaving the province, especially those coming from South Korea. The official said the measure would assure all tourists that Krabi is free of MERS-CoV and they can travel with no worries.

Mr.Panas requested tourists and local residents to strictly follow the ministry’s instructions. Eating hot food, using common spoon and regular hand-washing are all important to keep them away from the deadly virus, he added.