Phuket Beach Music Happiness Concert Invigorates Island’s Low Season


This event succeeded in grand style and broadcast a new, revitalized Phuket Province and Patong Beach to both foreign and local tourists. After a major restructuring of the area, including an improved traffic system and a totally pristine beach scene, the air seemed charge with enthusiasm and a sense of new beginnings.

This spirited mega-event was the first to be held on Phuket under a new local administration, one determined to promote an enhanced image of this world-class island to the world, and to jump-start tourism at this typically slower time of year.

The concert ran from 5 pm to after midnight on two stages and featured a dynamic and eclectic assortment of well-known artists, including local stars Ab Normal, Retrospect, The Star, The Voice and Champ Kid DJ; plus international celebrities from Fashion TV Nasty, MC Gorden from USA, DJ Joe and DJ Ursher.


Crowds danced the night away to their favorite DJs and groups and a truly festive atmosphere enveloped the beach town. All present would readily agree that it was a resounding success and that indeed: Phuket is back and better than ever!