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Surat Thani Authorities Arrest Jet-Ski Rental Operators For Unfair Trading


Surat Thani military dispatched soldiers to arrest five jet ski operators in Ko Phangan, due to local complaints of unfair trading and causing environmental impact.

According to beachgoers, the jet ski operators were overcharging for their services and disturbing other tourists by failing to maintain their equipment in designated areas.

Fishermen also complained that shrimp have migrated away from Surat Thani waters, because of the disruptive water sport.

Officials investigated the matter and eventually put out arrest warrants for five jet ski operators at Thong Nai Pan Yai Beach and Rin Beach. Soldiers also confiscated 20 jet skis. The suspects did not resist arrest, and are currently being detained in Koh Phangan Police station for further due process.