Surat Thani Pledges Protection For Tourists


PNSOC580218001007602_19022015_123603The Surat Thani provincial governor has pledged to beef up security and safety measures for foreign tourists during a meeting with the British ambassador.
During his official visit to Surat Thani province, the British Ambassador to Thailand, Mr. Mark Kent, has asked Surat Thani governor Chatpong Chatpoom to tighten security at popular tourist spots frequently visited by foreigners especially the British such as Koh Tao, Koh Samui and Koh Pha-ngan.

The British ambassador also asked the governor to closely regulate motorcycle rental businesses as some operators were found to have allowed foreigners who have no driving license to rent a motorbike which could lead to an accident. Mr. Kent also suggested that officials and volunteers be dispatched to different areas to ensure security.


The British ambassador in addition requested that officials clearly designate diving areas in response to the fatal accident of a foreign tourist who was killed by a boat’s propeller. The governor meanwhile has pledged to improve security and safety measures to better protect all visitors.

The ambassador’s visit came after the murder of a British tourist on Koh Tao several months ago. The culprit has been arrested.