Novotel Bangkok IMPACT Partners with Diversey on Linens for Life™ Programme in Bangkok


Novotel Bangkok IMPACT has adopted refugee centres under the Thai Committee for Refugees Foundation for the Linens for Life™ programme, in partnership with Diversey. The hotel donated 2 tonnes of used linens for recycling to help meet the needs of local communities. Its objectives are three-fold: to help with immediate disaster relief efforts; to provide livelihoods to the local community through recycling; and to help hotels reduce waste.

Fraser McKenzie, Cluster General Manager of Novotel and ibis Bangkok IMPACT, said: “This is an amazing opportunity to make a tangible impact within our community. Linens for Life programme allows our hotels to engage in a project that resonates within our team – giving purpose and value to a marginalised section of our society by enabling Refugee groups to participate in our community.”

Linens for Life is a great project that not only benefits the environment and reduces hotel wastes, but also gives hope to refugees. It is based on the concept of Creating Shared Value (CSV) among all its supporting partners. Used linens collected from hotels are channelled by Diversey to non-governmental organizations and local communities for re-use and recycling. The used linens help local communities earn a small livelihood through recycling used linens into useful items again. Through recycling of used linens, Linens for Life has resulted in various items made by the beneficiaries. Useful and creative items include newspaper bags used at hotels, all-purpose pouches, aprons, school uniforms, stuffed toys, infant sleeping bags and more. The programme enables beneficiaries to earn a small income to supplement their livelihoods while helping to upcycle linens that would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

Stefan Phang, Diversey’s Global CSV Director, said: “Linens for Life is a programme that directly engages the local people in helping their own community. At the same time, Diversey is also helping our hotel customers on waste recycling. Through this program, we hope to contribute to a more sustainable environment and create shared value for everyone involved – our company, our customers and the community.”

A typical 400-room hotel generates about 2 to 3 tonnes of used linens which include items such as bedsheets, pillow cases, towels and table cloths per annum. This is equivalent to 1,600 queen-size bedsheets and 3,500 single-size bedsheets which can be on a hotel’s disposal list. However, there are now over 23 Linens for Life projects in 15 cities across Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe. To-date, about 80 hotels are partners with Diversey in the programme that has provided sustainable livelihoods to approximately 700 people in local communities.