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Sri panwa’s newest babies, Baba Beach Club, Hua Hin & Baba Beach Club, Phuket are capturing high-end travelers


The internationally acclaimed estate, Sri panwa, will be opening 2 luxury hotels & residences worth 4.7 billion baht, branded Baba Beach Club, Hua Hin & Baba Beach Club, Phuket. The new beach clubs will attract a number of Thai and foreign travelers in both Hua Hin and Natai beach, Phuket making the Thai tourism market expand even more.

Mr. Songkran Issara, the Managing Director and C.E.O of Charn Issara Development PLC., reveals that the tourism market in Phuket still has a room for expansion due to the continued increase of tourist arrivals. More international flights are becoming available to meet the ever increasing demand from Chinese, Russian, Australian, Middle Eastern and East Asian travelers. Phuket is not alone as Hua Hin is also experiencing an influx of tourists, many projects are already underway to meet current tourist demand and expand existing tourism infrastructure. New express ways will be built and improved for faster journeys from Bangkok such as Rama 2 an elevated expressway will be above ground from Bangkok to Rachaburi and another excess from Rama 3 junction making it easier for tourists to travel. Tourists can now use public transportation to Hua Hin as a new project is being developed using high-speed rail from Bangkok to Hua Hin. Hua Hin is expected to have positive tourism growth and expand the city’s share in the tourism market. The city is now only a short journey from Bangkok with many ways to reach and has a number of attractions promoting the tourism sector to grow rapidly.

“There are many factors to how fast the business industry is growing rapidly in Phuket and Hua Hin, not just from the increase in the number of tourists but also the increase in properties such as real estate and hotels. Moreover, the increase in transportation on land, sea including air will help encourage the tourism industry to grow further” says Mr. Songkran.

To support and promote the growth of the tourism sector in Thailand, Sri panwa Phuket has expanded its 2 luxury hotels & residences, capturing the Phuket and Hua Hin tourism markets under the brands “Baba Beach Club, Hua Hin” and “Baba Beach Club, Phuket”, these will be operated as hotels and residences by Sri panwa’s team. The team will manage both properties in order to create the highest standard of service and will be ready for opening in this October.

Mr. Ditawat Issara, the Managing Director of Issara United Development Co., Ltd., states that the concept of “Baba Beach Club, Hua Hin” and “Baba Beach Club, Phuket” is Music Lovers Hotel and operating as hotels and residences in the style of a luxury beach club. The highlight is having the Entertainment Pool at the beach and the most exclusive Beach Club with entertainment appearances every month. Guests are encouraged to have fun, relax and chill on the beach with music while staying at the beach clubs. Both locations also give significance to the design of the hotels with a touch of local architecture.

Baba Beach Club, Hua Hin is a joint venture between Charn Issara Development PLC., I.C.C. International PLC, and Saha Pathanapibul PLC., under Issara United Development Co., Ltd. The company invested 1.7 billion baht in developing the beach club hotel and residences on the beach in Hua Hin. Situated on 12 rai in Thew Talay Estate, the beach club covers 160 meter of beach frontage with different room types available from Beachfront Pool Suite, Beachfront Pool Suite Ground Floor to Penthouse and 3-5 bedroom residence pool villa. There are 18 units featuring a private swimming pool and panoramic views of the stunning sea in each unit along with 11 residence pool villas. With a variety of choices for guests to choose from, Baba Beach Club Hua Hin focuses on capturing middle to high-end travelers while targeting the younger generations such as generation X, Y and the millennials by using Baba Beach Club’s music to express its young and energetic vibe.

“Baba Beach Club, Hua Hin is surrounded by splendid views of the Gulf of Thailand. Providing 5-star services and different facilities such as Baba Beach Bar and Baba Beach Restaurant, premium fitness centre, equipped with Johnson brand, Cool Spa, a swimming pool and Baan Chok, a dining, gallery and venue for events. Please visit our newly launched website www.bababeachclub.com for both projects details”, said Mr. Ditawat.

Mr. Vorasit Issara, Managing Director of Charn Issara Residence Co., Ltd. and Issara Junfa Co., Ltd. stated that “Baba Beach Club, Phuket” is a joint venture between Charn Issara Development Public Co., Ltd., and Junfa Real Estate Co., Ltd., from China under the company name Issara Junfa Co., Ltd., The company invested 3 billion baht in developing the luxury beach club hotel and residences situated on top of 42 rai along Natai beach, Phuket. The property is located just 20 minutes away from Phuket International Airport with nearly 200 meters of the untouched beach frontage. With such a long beach frontage, a panoramic view of the sunset can be seen perfectly from the beach club boasts a privacy atmosphere for guests. The architecture of Baba Beach Club Phuket combines Chino-Portuguese with the colorful theme of Shanghai Tang designs, making it a Modern Tropical design creating a luxury atmosphere for guests.

Baba Beach Club, Phuket hotel consists of 16 exclusive villas and suites as well as 2 units of 3-5 bedroom Baba Beachfront Residence Villas that boast plenty of airy space, sunset beachfront views and sunset pools. There are 6 units of Five Bedroom Beachfront Villa which cover 1,100 square meters of land, 18 units of Two Bedroom Pool Villa as well as 37 units of One Bedroom Baba Suite and 2 units of Two Bedroom Baba Penthouse. “Baba Beach Club Phuket” has been designed to create a fun and energetic environment. Facilities within the beach club consist of a fitness center, in-room spa, swimming pool and Baba Beach Restaurant, Baba Beach Bar, Sushi Bar & International Cuisine decorated to match the sea and natural surroundings creating a truly luxury tropical theme.

Mr. Vorasit Issara stated that the management of these two projects will be operated by Sri panwa hotel in order to standardize Sri panwa’s world class service including investment on residential rental for guests.

“In the past, we have been preparing our employees for expansion of the hospitality business industry. Sri panwa has created a project called Sri panwa Academy, where trainings for employees are held to improve their skills in all levelsto standardize the service of Sri panwa for the other two properties. With the trainings provided, Sri panwa employees will be experts in their fields and would be ready to share their knowledge and skills to new employees for preparation of the 2 projects opening soon. We are confident that the services of these 2 new hotels & residences will definitely impress our guests”, said Mr. Vorasit.