21 Imaginary Places
And 21-Day Diary in the Real World

21 is, according to Dr. Maxwell Maltz, the number of day requires for an activity to evolve into a habit when performs regularly. On top of the 21 new paintings from Siri, this exhibition will be held for 21 days. During these 21 days, Siri will write a special diary for the exhibition daily, and draw every visitor a picture in exchange for their participation in writing the diary with her.

Artist’s Bio:
Sirinart Saiprasart (Kwang) a.k.a. SIRI
Graduated Bachelor of Science in Associated Medical Science from Khon Kaen University

Her works:
– Three solo books (writing and illustration) with 10mm. Publishing House –a little something, 21, Fine day in Taiwan and 2 collaboration books with other writers – Homeroom and Paper Journey.
– Exhibited 10 illustrations in Thai-Tai Exhibition in Taipei and Taichung, Taiwan in 2016
– Participated in Pop up Asia’s art fair & exhibition in 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan.