Benjarong: Sacict Signature Collection


Have you ever shared a common thought that Thai Benjarong ware is more suitable for “display” than actual usage? The SUPPORT Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand (Public Organisation) or SACICT is creating a new phenomenon for Thai Benjarong (or Pentachrome porcelain) by developing a new identity for it. The porcelain ware with its usual long history of craftsmanship and skillful artisans behind its sophisticated charm has been recreated by new generation of designers teaming up with skilled and classic artisan masters. Their resulting Benjarong works will be on display at the “BENJARONG: SIGNATURE COLLECTION” exhibition.

All the creative designs will amaze everyone thanks to its cool “Modern Traditional” features that maintain the unique charm of the Benjarong while adding contemporary touches. Such a Signature Collection is very tempting as it will impressively demonstrate that Benjarong could be displayed and also used at the same time!

“BENJARONG: SACICT SIGNATURE COLLECTION , an art exhibition that will alter your perceptions about Benjarong, is ready for Thai people and every interested visitor who are about to experience the new definition of Benjarong from 1-13 September, 2560 at Creative Lab, 3rd Floor, Siam Discovery Center.

For more information, please visit “SACICT” or the International Center for the Promotion of Arts and Crafts. Tel. (035) 367-054 ext. 1362 or Call Center: 1289. and