“JARUWAT: Mostly People” A Solo Exhibition by Jaruwat Normrubporn Gallery 36 at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G 3rd March – 30th April 2018


The Gallery 36 at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G on Silom Road invites art lovers to discover the work of young and talented Thai artist, Jaruwat Normrubporn. The exhibition will be on view at the 36th floor gallery from 3rd March until 30th April 2018.

“JARUWAT: Mostly People” is the first solo exhibition by Thai artist, Jaruwat Normrubporn. His recent oil on canvas paintings explore the beauty of people and their surroundings, both inside and out. The artist presents the viewer with a series of close-up portraits and moments captured from memory, each executed with his playful style, expressive brushwork and vibrant colours.

Jaruwat aims to capture happiness and the beauty he sees everywhere. Through colour and strokes of his paintbrush, he lets us into his world of visual imagination and emotion. The artist explains, “I don’t own a car. Instead of driving or getting on a bus, I prefer to walk, which means I see new things and at a slower pace of life; like a guy sitting on a chair in front of an old building smoking slowly, or an uncle fixing his shoes with one leg stretched out and colliding with the daylight. These moments are so beautiful that I am moved to paint them”.