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Heritage Launches Limited-Edition WonderPuff Tins

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Heritage Group, a Thai leading premium natural food producer, wholesaler and exporter of nuts, dried fruits and juices is introducing new, limited edition WonderPuff Gourmet Popcorn tins with lids that turn into handy popcorn bowls too. 


The 120g tins come in fun designs and a range of appetizing flavors, including Almond Caramel; Cashew Caramel; Caramel Popcorn; Barbeque; Macadamia Caramel; Almond Caramel; Caramel Cheese; and Cashew Caramel, as pictured, with other flavors including Cheese, Wasamayo and Tom Yum, and the tins can be refilled and used again too. Preservative-free, the tasty, natural nut ingredients with premium almonds, cashews and macadamias add a protein-boost too. The range is readily available at all branches of Villa Market now.