Let The Burgers Begin At The Lobby Bar, Holiday Inn Bangkok

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The Lobby Bar gets fully into the Olympic spirit and invites fans to watch the Rio games while enjoying a menu of great burgers created specially for the occasion.

Available throughout August 2016, the menu features five burger styles – one for each Olympic ring – complemented by refreshing Brazilian cocktails.

Just as the Olympic Games is a showcase for athletes from around the globe, Olympic burgers at The Lobby feature recipes from diverse culinary regions. Guests can choose from:

* America: New York-style hotdog with onion relish, cucumber, dill pickle and spicy brown mustard

* Africa: Piri piri burger with BBQ marinade, sliced gherkins, mixed lettuce, sautéed onions and South African cheese bread

* Asia: Chicken burger with spicy lemongrass mayo and pickled Asian slaw on black sesame bun

* Europe: Tuna burger with Remoulade sauce & fresh rocket salad on brioche bun

* Australia: Lamb burger with Tatziki sauce and capsicum on sourdough bun.

With the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, it’s only fitting that The Lobby Bar’s menu includes special Brazilian cocktails. Complementing the burgers are a classic

caipirinha with real sugar-cane stirrer, along with two drinks created just for the games: Brazil in Bangkok and Rio Fever. Now those are some sports drinks!

So all August 2016, race to The Lobby Bar and let the games – and the burgers and cocktails – begin!.

Prices start from Baht 320++ per dish – available from 1-31 August 2016