“Ratchaprasong” and “Bangkok Bank” presents “High Tea Jubilee 2018 @ Ratchaprasong” An Aesthetic Afternoon Tea Fiesta complemented by Charms of Flowers as well as Magnificent Canapes


Since tea drinking culture in each region is shaped by climate and geographical features, Ratchaprasong Square Trade Association (RSTA) in partnership with Bangkok Bank—a kind sponsor of premium entertainment and lifestyle activities—would like to welcome summertime in Thailand by presenting individuality in afternoon tea consumption from around the world under “High Tea Jubilee 2018 @ Ratchaprasong”.

Visitors, locals and foreigners alike, who visit Bangkok’s bustling center of business and commercial will be pleased with eight uniquely created “Afternoon Tea Sets” by eight luxury hospitality premises and department stores located around Ratchaprasong District. All tea sets, grounded on the theme of “Blossom Tea Delight”, are considered as a journey of indulgence with flowery scents and tastes from specially brew tea blends as well as best-in-class canapes or desserts from definitive tea rooms. This astounding culinary phenomenon starts now until the end of
June 2018.

Ms. Nattaporn Chevamongkol, representative of RSTA, said: “‘Ratchaprasong Bangkok Downtown’ is recognized as a largest lifestyle hub located at the heart of Bangkok. It is a complete lifestyle circle for both Thais and international visitors and we would like to reinforce our image with ‘High Tea Jubilee 2018 @ Ratchaprasong’. This year’s event is themed underBlossom Tea Delight’ as we would like to combine hidden tastes and scented of flowers with art and science of tea drinking from across the globe. The concept is depicted through unique identities of eight outstanding tea rooms from The Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel, The Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel,
The Centara Grand at CentralWorld Bangkok Hotel, The Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Hotel,
The InterContinental Hotel Bangkok, The Novotel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam, The St. Regis Bangkok Hotel,
and Gaysorn Village. Every menu is heartfully catered by reputable celebrity chefs who translate their inspirations and experiences into exclusive summer dishes accompanying well-brew tea blends.”

Have an unforgettable summer with afternoon tea sets, enhanced with floral whiffs, from eight class-leading tea rooms. Details of each state-of-the-art tea set are as follow:

French-Style Refreshments, with Parisian Ambience

Have a blissful afternoon with an enchantingly created afternoon tea set with bite-sized munchies and desserts by Chef Matt Mittnacht, who is now serving as an Executive Chef of the Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel. With more than two decades in culinary industry, Chef Mittnacht therefore presents a French-influent afternoon tea set which attracts attention with strong flavors and aromatic senses especially roses and French vanilla as these two key scents can boost a feel of a Parisian-made afternoon tea in midst of a blooming rose garden. The tea set is served with coconut strawberry panna cotta, raspberry & yuzu mousse, cherry chocolate brownie, berry éclair, blueberry scones and strawberry smores as sweet teasers. Savouries beetroot cured salmon canape, charcoal macaron with foie gras and smoked duck on red velvet sponge will round up the pink collection. Customers who love the smell of night-blooming jasmine are more than welcome to try the unique jasmine green tea.

This marvelous afternoon tea set, with a signature tea blend, is priced at 750++ Baht for two persons. Cardholders of Bangkok Bank Credit Card can get a 20% discount when ordering
an afternoon tea set at “R Bar” on the 1st Floor of the Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel. Afternoon tea time starts from 14.00 hrs. to 17.00 hrs. of every day. Reservations or enquiries can be made at 02-125-5105.

Have a Content Afternoon with New Menus from Flowers

Chef Laurent Duffaut, Executive Pastry Chef of the Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel,
is known as a veteran in the kitchen with more than four decades of experience as a pastry chef in leading hotels across the globe such as France, the United States, China, the Philippines, and Thailand. His talent as a chef who can impeccably combine eastern and western cuisine is widely recognized and he would like to vivify tea time with three compelling tea blends from
a French brand called MARIAGE FRÈRES. These blends, exclusively available at the Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel, are ‘Eléphant Blanc (White Elephant)’;
a fruity and flowery black tea positioned as the hotel’s signature tea blend, ‘Lune Rouge (Red Moon)’; a green tea blend made from tea leaves harvested in Chiang Rai, a part of the Golden Triangle, and
a mixture of flowers, honey, ginger, and tints of French rose scent, and Temple De L’aube (Temple of Dawn)”; a cherished mix of mild green tea, French flowers, citrus fruits such as lemon and orange, as well as wild fruits. A tea blend of each customer’s selection will be served with a pastry set drown from summer flowers such as Rosella Panna Cotta, Spring Butterfly Pea Supreme, Chrysanthemum Cremeux, Sweet Purple Potato Scone, Hibiscus Smoked Salmon with
Tea Gel, Chicken Pandan, Tea Dip, Chamomile and Brie French Toast, and many more. The set will be grandly served under the elegance ambience of “The Lobby at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel”.

A perfect combination of taste and beauty crystallized from flowers is priced at 850++Baht for two persons on weekdays and 950++ Baht for one person on weekends. Cardholders of Bangkok Bank credit cards can get a 20% discount at The Lobby at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel. Afternoon tea is served every day from 14.00 to 18.00 hrs. Reservation and enquiry can be made
at 02-126-8866.

A Blissful Happiness for This Summer

Blooming flowers shape the principle of this meticulous tea set actualized by Chef Thawat Prathumpuang, Pastry Chef of Zing Bakery at the Centara Grand at CentralWorld Bangkok Hotel. The “Sweet Blossom Tea Set” is a rich result of Chef Thawat’s 19 years in culinary industry as a chef in various 5-star hotels. Fragrances or rose and orange blossom are infused into the tea for a refreshing sip. The tea blend, called “Blooming Tea”, is a Chinese tea made with ancient Chinese method in which green tea leaves is tied with white tea leaves as well as flowers such as jasmine, bachelor button,
or chrysanthemum. Then the mixture is rolled and packed in golden aluminum foils. It will be expanded when being contacted with hot water and become
a blooming flower in the cup to symbolize growth and prosperity. The tea is served alongside sweets and canapes with shapes and textures resembling summer sunlight.

The “Sweet Blossom Tea Set” is available at Zing Bakery located on the ground floor of the Centara Grand at CentralWorld Bangkok Hotel. It is priced at 699++ Baht for two persons and members of credit cards issued by Bangkok Bank can get a 20% discount. Afternoon tea is served from 15.00 to 17.00 hrs. Reservation and enquiry can be made at 02-100-6255. 

Cooling off in a Thai Manner

Quench the thirst in summer with an afternoon tea tactfully adapted from a supper set of Thai nobles in the past.  Chef Achara To-ussami, Head Chef of Erawan Tea Room,
the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok,
pours her 22 years of cooking experience into this set to ensure that every bite has a unique taste. This summer tea set for the year 2018 revives tea lovers with choices of tea comprising  butterfly pea flower tea,
beal-pandan tea, lemongrass tea,
and jasmine tea. The tea is coupled with Thai style canapes—infused with lotus pollen and decorated with lotus leaves—namely Meang gaysorn bua, Thung Thong, Chor Muang Sai Poo, Yam Tua Plu Goong Sod, Wi Hok Non Rang, and Thai dessert namely Khao Niew Mamuang, Kanom Krok, Kanom Mor Gaeng Med Bua, Kanom Bueng, Kanom Chan, Look Chub, and many more await customers as desserts.

This reminiscent afternoon tea set unlike others is exclusively available at “Erawan Tea Room” on the 2nd Floor of Erawan Bangkok. It is priced 600 Baht (net) for one person and
1,200 Baht (net) for two persons. A 20% discount will be offered to carholders of Bangkok Bank Credit Card. Afternoon tea time starts from 14.30 hrs. to 16.30 hrs. of every day. Reservations or enquiries can be made at 02-254-6250.

Sweetness of Lotus meet Sourness of Strawberry

The InterContinental Hotel Bangkok by Chef Saiful Huda puts 15 years of well-trained experience in bakery in 5-star hotels into a dreamlike summer tea set named “Strawberry Afternoon High Tea”. The specially selected tea blend highlights sweetness from Sacred lotus. Traditionally, Vietnamese tea masters will select and bake tea leaves for this blend for elites who would like to relax their minds and nurture their bodies. This blend is then welcomed by other Asian tea lovers. Chef Huda pairs this top tea blend with beloved tastes and scents of strawberry used in menus like srawberry macaroon, strawberry Japanese short cake, strawberry pistachio lychee tart, strawberry lemon cheese cake, and more. Light canapes with menus including turkey sandwich topped with apple and mustard-mayonnaise sauce, corn and cheese pie, as well as smoked salmon and crème cheese on bagel.  Aside from the reknowned pink lotus tea, this summer can be prolonged with a wide selection namely Moroccan mint tea, fruit tea with sunflower seeds, French-made earl grey, chamomile tea, and oolong tea also awiat customers.

Indulge with sweetness of pink lotus and strawberry in a tempting price at 550++ Baht for one person and 850++ Baht for two persons. Customers who order a set for two and settle the bill with credti cards issued by Bangkok Bank can get a 20% discount. Afternoon tea is served from 14.30 to 17.30 hrs. at Balcony Lounge located at the lobby of The InterContinental Hotel Bangkok. Reservation and enquiry can be made at 02-656-0444 ext. 6476.

Happiness in Midst of a Flower Garden

Chef Warattha Boonpitak, Bakery Chef of the Novotel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam, demonstrates her talent in culinary proved by her experience in Thai and international premises with ancient charms of Chinese tea drinking and summer hues. Her afternoon tea set is calledBlooming Summer Afternoon Tea Set at The Loungeto indicate seven floral tea blends namely, Rose tea, Butterfly Pea Flower tea, Lavender tea, Jasmine tea, Chrysanthemum tea, Chamomile Tea Blooming tea—a Chinese traditional wisdom turning tea leaves into a bloom flower in a cup.  The wonderful taste is enhanced with green tea foliage so the blend is suitable for every customer. Desserts assortments catered to match with the tea include Mango Sticky Rice, Jasmine
Aa Lua, Snow Skin Mooncake, Macaron, Crispy Bael Fruit Jelly. And A la carte menus namely Spicy Salmon Salad with Thai Herb, Flower Spring Rolls, Cheesy Shrimp Cake

Have a sip of floral tea blended to suit individual taste buds at The Lounge located on the
6th floor of the Novotel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam. The tea set is priced at 950 Baht (net).
A 20% discount will be offered to carholders of Bangkok Bank Credit Card. The afternoon tea is served every day from 14.00 to 17.00 hrs. Reservation and enquiry can be made at 02-209-1700 ext. 8704.

Welcome Summertime with a Tea Set enriched with Cultural Refinements

The St. Regis Bangkok Hotel and Chef Thitiphong Suanborae, Executive Pastry Chef with a verifiable achievement in culinary industry, would like to pass forward the art and science of afternoon tea drinking and touches of timeless elegance through exquisite of the St. Regis—a hotel chain originated in New York. Half a decade of tea drinking legacy used in the manor of Astor Family, a wealthy family and the founder of St. Regis, is depicted through a new and signature tea set entitled “Western Afternoon Tea”. The TWG 1837 Black Tea, a signature black tea of TWG, is mixed with freshness of berries and unique flowers found in Bermuda Triangle to smoothen the taste, rejuvenate taste buds with fresh berries, spiciness from star anise, and sweetness from caramel.  Munchies are served inside a bird cage and customers will be overjoyed with dishes Boston lobster tom yum on top of bread, truffle puff mousse, Norwegian Salmon with honey mustard, orange cannoli, and eye-catching hazelnut cake.

This definitive afternoon tea blend is served at The Drawing Room, the St. Regis Bangkok Hotel. It is priced at 1,500++ for two persons. With a 20% discount from the Visa Infinite Credit Card by Bangkok. Afternoon tea is available from 14.00 to 17.00 hrs. Reservation and enquiry can be made at 02-207-7826.

A Perfect Match of Authentic Chinese Tea and Thai Fruits

1823 Tea Lounge by Ronnefeldt at Gaysorn Village proudly presents a propitious tea blend by Nalinthron “Caren” Triwittayaslip, a silver medalist tea master from “Ronnefeldt”, a German institution for tea masters. Two exclusive blends for 1823 Tea Lounge by Ronnefeldt are available for customer’s selection These blends, moreover, also reflect a longstanding relationship between Thailand and China as well as Bangkok’s bountifulness. The “Bangkok Blend Set” is a combination of authentic oolong tea leaves mixed with Thai fruits such as papaya and pineapple. It reflects Caren’s root as her family is resided China, a country with a profound tea drinking tea culture, and senses of Thainess.  For customers who love citrus fragrance and urban ambience, the “Gaysorn Blend” offers a touch of Bai Mudan White Tea from Fujian, China, and nice, citrus smell from mango and orange. The blend therefore attracts tea lovers with a light touch and mild scent. Signature Mango sticky rice and Strawberry Gazpacho with poached prawn in dragonwell. Each dish uses Ronnefeldt’s first-rated tea as an ingredient to welcome Songkran Festival and summertime.

Enjoy with a special tea blend with touches of happiness in Thai way for 1,370++ Baht for two persons. A 20% discount is offered for Bangkok Bank credit card customers. 1823 Tea Lounge by Ronnefeldt is located on the 1st Floor of Gaysorn Village. It opens every day from 10.00 to 20.00 hrs. Reservation and enquiry can be made at 02-656-1086.

Immense yourself with the tea drinking culture, identities in tastes, as well as creativity in garnishes and decorations from eight best-rated tea rooms in “High Tea Jubilee 2018 @ Ratchaprasong”. Privileges are exclusively reserved for cardholders of credit cards issued by Bangkok Bank when spending at bakery and tea rooms around Ratchaprasong District, and get 15% discount from Eric Kayser, Iberista, The Mandarin Oriental Shop, Tea Lounge, Kuppadeli, CC Café, Camelot, Harajuku Café Crepes, Ampersand Boutique, Gelate, Sulbing Korean Dessert, Divana Signature Café, Godiva, Jones Express starting from now until the end of June 2018. Updates on campaigns and promotions are available at www.bkkdowntown.com and www.facebook.com/HeartOfBangkok.