Scoops, Milkshakes and More – Get Your Gelato Fix at Zing Bakery!


Located on the ground floor of Centara Grand at CentralWorld, Zing Bakery is the perfect place in Bangkok to get a fix of rich, creamy gelato ice cream.

Now, you can try this indulgent Italian treat in either in scoop form (with six flavors to choose from) or in one of our thick, old-fashioned-style milkshakes. We also have sorbets and zero-sugar options, too.

Churned at a slower speed than American-style ice cream, gelato is famous for its dense texture (thanks to all those air bubbles) and a richer, more intense flavor. It’s also made with a higher milk-to-cream ratio, meaning you’ll have slightly fewer calories to burn off after…

Below, please find a sample of our gelato-inspired menu available daily from 07.00 – 21.00 here at Zing Bakery!

— Zing Bakery’s ‘Gelato Menu’ —

Gelato Scoop Flavors:                                                Sorbets Flavors:

Tiramisu                          Salty Caramel                       Wild Strawberry               Raspberry

Black forest                      Vanilla                                Mango & Peach                Blueberry

Healthy yoghurt                Rum Raisin

0% Sugar Flavors:                                                     Old-Fashioned-Style Milkshakes

– Kiwi                – Coffee                                             – Chocolate      – Vanilla

– Strawberry     – Coffee

– Berry             – Yogi

– Mango           – Tiramisu

Zing is a sophisticated bakery and pastry shop serving an array of freshly-baked pastries, cakes, homemade biscuits, chocolates and Italian gelatos and ice creams.