“Strongbow” The No. 1 Apple Cider Brand from the UK an alternative beverage with the full flavor of nature


TAP Group, the brewer and distributor of premium beers such as Heineken, Tiger, Cheers, Guinness and Kilkenny, has launched Strongbow, the number one selling global apple cider from the UK, in the Thai market. With Strongbow’s mastery of extracting the 100% natural flavor from real apples, Strongbow brings a new refreshing alternative to any special moments.

Strongbow blends up to 12 British cider apple varieties grown in the perfect environment for crispness and freshness to make delicious cider. The apples are then masterfully blended to create the trademark pleasant refreshing texture which has become the world’s favorite cider under the brand of Strongbow for over 55 years. Using all the flavor and taste from real apples, Strongbow apple ciders are designed for refreshment and is best served on the rock in a glass 1/3-filled with ice.

Strongbow comes in two distinct flavors including Strongbow Gold Apple, the original and iconic cider made from the finest British apples, and Strongbow Red Berries which boasts the irresistible aroma of strawberries and raspberries blended with apple cider making this a drink with a sweeter taste.

Strongbow is available at all leading department stores, supermarkets, restaurants and outlets at the price of 59 baht.