Celebrating the Vegetarian Festival with Festive Menu at Fei Ya Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel

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Fei Ya, Chinese Restaurant at Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong would like to invite you to discover the distinctive taste of our special vegetarian meal, featuring with varieties of mushrooms and high protein vegetarian meats, such as the signature dish of ‘Beancurd Skin wrapped with Mixed Mushrooms and Bamboo Pith’ for THB 350++. The festive a la carte menu is available from September 30 until October 9, 2016.

The nutritious recipes are prepared by Chef Leang that would enhance your taste sensory with the modification of classic Chinese cuisine, such as ‘Fried Noodle with Vegetarian Ham, Cabbage and Bean Sprouts’ and ‘Crispy Vegetarian Goose served with Pineapple Sweet and Sour Sauce.’

During this year Meritorious Vegetarian Festival, satisfy your taste buds with succulent soups of ‘Braised shredded Winter Melon and Enoki Mushroom with Brown Vegetarian Soup’ and ‘Braised Luffa Squash, fresh Straw Mushroom and Glass Noodle with Vegetarian Soup’ at the price of THB 200++.

Then, ended the delightful meal with saccharine dessert made with traditional Chinese ingredients of ‘Peach, Goji and Lotus Seeds Jelly’ for THB 180++.


Discover more information or reserve table for exclusive lunch and dinner at 02 125 5030.