A Chance to Travel Along the Silk Road at Bawarchi Chidlom

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Bawarchi Chidlom launches Silk Road menu: On September 7th, Bawarchi Chidlom, Bangkok’s best destination for fine Indian cuisine, launched its unique Silk Road set menu, paired with fine Australian wines. Available for the next two months, this menu is inspired by a Buddhist scholar who traveled from China to India along the Silk Road in search of the original Buddhist teachings. The menu features Indian dishes with a Chinese influence, letting diners experience how Buddhism links these two countries with Thailand on a culinary and spiritual level.

To accommodate vegetarian and non-vegetarian diners, two versions of the menu were created. Guests will also have the option to pair these delicious dishes with four fine Australian wines, imported by Wanichwathana (Bangkok) Co., Ltd., a company known for their outstanding selection of imported beverages. The set menu with the wine pairing is priced at THB 1,750++, without the wine it is THB 1,250++.


Tarkari Seekh Kebab: The hot starter of the vegetarian Silk Road menu is a kebab, made of seasoned minced vegetables, rolled on skewers and cooked over charcoal in a tandoor oven. The kebab was served on a bed of pickled onions accompanied by a light tangy mustard sauce.

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