‘At table, we taste the flavors of the world…’


Let’s find out the answer on every day from now until March 2018 from 18.00 – 22.30 hrs. Cuisine Unplugged at Pullman Bangkok King Power offer an array of premium seafood on ice choices with grilled barbecue selected by French Executive Chef Dominique Ferchaud who had more than 30 years of experience from around the world and his team.

The dinner buffet we are tempted with highlights of seafood on ice including Snow Crabs, Tourteax Crabs, French Fin de Claire Oysters and Rock lobsters. Complemented with a variety of grilled seafood from different area such as meats River Prawns, Octopus, Chinese suckling pig, Australian wagyu beef, USA & Australian cuts of beef Asado steak, grilled New Zealand lamb racks, Kurobuta pork, organic chicken and Tomahawk beef as well as selection of salad, appetizers and delectable desserts.

Meet the need to enjoy the various fresh seafood and grilled in every day dinner buffet at Cuisine Unplugged, starting from 18.00 – 22.30 hrs.

            SEAFOOD                                                                    BBQ

Snow Crab                     Alaska, USA                   Australian Wagyu Beef               Australia

Tourteaux Crab              France                          USA Asado                                USA

Blue Crab                      Thailand                        Tenderloin Beef                         Argentina

Fin de Claire Oyster        Oleron, France               New Zealand Lamb                    New Zealand

Paci­c Oysters                 Paci­c                             Sea bass                                   Australia

Cray Fish                       Thailand                        Organic Chicken                         Kao Yai, Thailand

Rock Lobster                 Thailand                        Pork Spare Rib Kurobuta             Thailand

Thai Sport Babylon         Thailand                        River Prawn                               Thailand

Red Shrimp                    Thailand                        Octopus                                     Thailand

New Zealand Mussel       New Zealand                 Suckling pig                               Thailand

THB 1,499 net per person (food only)

30% discount for King Power members and Online Booking
Accor Plus members get per normal benefit