BASE has partnered up with Physique 57 to combine two top training methods in a fitness industry first


Bangkok’s leading fitness studios BASE and Physique 57 have partnered up in Sathorn to bring you two specialized training methods, combined to deliver the complete approach.

Their 8-week package offers the best elements of two hugely popular and effective programs, combined to offer a true all-round approach to fitness and strength. BASE’s offering of large muscle group strength and HIIT cardio is balanced by Physique 57’s focus on interval overload training, core strength and muscle targeting.

“Both the Physique 57 and BASE training methods have strong and proven track records of success” said Jack Thomas, BASE Founder and CEO. “We have some clients who train at both studios and they got great results, so we had the idea to put together a structured program so others can benefit, too. We’re very excited to see where this goes.”

Available at their new Sathorn fitness hub, the program will kick off with a unique “30/30 Barre/Functional” event on April 28th that will teach newcomers the fundamentals of both methods in a fun and lively environment.

To ensure the program is working, a state-of-the-art InBody machine will be available to all program participants to monitor small changes in body fat percentage and muscle mass.

The 8-week BASE and Physique 57 transformation package offers 2 classes per week at BASE and 2 classes at Physique 57 over an 8-week program. The price is 18,500thb with a 20% discount available for the first 10 sign ups. The kick-start “30/30” event and the body composition scans are included in the price and 15% off all packages and a free personal training session is available to any participants that submit their before and after photo at the end of the program. Full details can be found at