Discover the therapeutic effects of a ‘Vichy Rain Shower’ with our new seasonal treatments


Spa Cenvaree’s new Seasonal Vichy Rain Shower programs combine the benefits of hydrotherapy, massage therapy and Ayurvedic therapy to relieve aching muscles and rejuvenate the body.

Using multiple jets of water set at specific pressures, our Vichy rain shower installation not only helps to rinse off the oils, body scrubs and other invigorating lotions used in the treatment sessions, but also helps to stimulate muscle groups – plus, it feels incredibly relaxing, too!

Spa Cenvaree’s new range of Vichy Rain Shower programs have been created to counter the effects of seasonal change on the body, mind and spirit. Our current ‘Summer’ and ‘Winter’ therapies are both now priced at THB 3,000++ (two-hour sessions) at Spa Cenvaree, Centara Grand at CentralWorld. Please see more details below.

“Summer’s Best”

Hydrate your skin ready for the sun with this treatment program that combines the proven anti-aging ingredient, ‘Wakame’ (Undaria Pinnatifida), together with sea salt. This two-hour session consists of:

  • Dry Body Brushing
  • Sea Mineral Salt Glow
  • Algae and Caffeine Body Wrap & Indian Head Massage
  • Invigorating Rain Shower
  • A Massage Application of Rose Geranium Oils to Balance the Mood.

“Winter Recharge”

Feel the full therapeutic effects of our Vichy Rain Shower treatment alongside an Ayurvedic body scrub, massage and herbal wrap. The result? A release of toxins in your body and a reduction of cellulite in your skin. This two-hour session includes:

  • Dry Body Brushing
  • Ayurvedic Udvartanum Herbal Scrub (Herbal Powder Massage)
  • Detoxifying Herbal Mud Wrap
  • Chakra Balancing Stimulating Shower
  • Body Massage of Vanilla Shea Butter