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First Thai Lady to Conquer Mt. Everest Tested V38 Fitness


Celebrating the Highest Simulated Elevation in South East Asia: Ms. Napassaporn (Dr. Eem) Chumnarnsit, the first Thai lady to conquer Mt. Everest, came to V38 Fitness to test the gym’s altitude chamber and used it to ascend over the 5,000-meter mark together with presenter Andy Kempimook. She then took time to answer questions the members of the media had for her. Ms. Chumnarnsit described her experience of climbing the world’s highest mountain and how important the proper training and preparation were for this trip. She then highlighted that training at V38 would bring significant advantages for her future exercising routine and that she would suggest V38 Fitness to her teammates at Thai Everest 2016.


Launched earlier this year, V38 Fitness is Bangkok’s most complete gym, featuring state of the art training facilities, including Olympic standard weight machines, an Endless Pools counter current system and an ATS altitude chamber. After a recent technical modification, this chamber can now replicate conditions at an altitude of up to 5,500 meters, surpassing Mt. Everest’s base camp which is at 5,364 meters, making it the highest simulated altitude in South East Asia.