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Medical Tourism

egtmedia59Medical Tourism is a $40 billion market that’s expanding 25 percent a year, according to the guidebook Patients Beyond Borders.
US patients can save 65-90 percent by seeking treatment in Thailand ranging from a coronary artery bypass to rhinoplasty and sex reassignment surgery. The average cost of a hip replacement in Thailand, which has emerged as a “thrift” destination for orthopaedic and cardiac surgery, is one-image (1)fourth of that in the US.
Thailand earned 31.12 billion baht ($995 million) last year, according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand.
Singapore and India are also major destinations for international patients.
Vishal Bali, group chief executive officer of Fortis Healthcare, a leading chain of hospitals in India, commenting on Thailand’s success said, “Medical tourism became a priority for Thailand who have taken the opportunity to support this trend at the highest levels, because they felt there was an economic upside in doing so.”
Written by : Andrew J Wood