Pattaya’s Delight

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Devarana Spa presents Pattaya’s Delight, the creative spa retreat from the little elements that remind us of this unique place. Treatment begins with the enriching and smoothing body scrub inspired by the delectable local Thai desserts in Pattaya, blending sticky rice, coconut, black pea and sugar with a touch of smoked bamboo scent. The freshly squeezed scrub uplifts the mood with its delightfully tasty smell, while it softly exfoliates and revitalizes the skin. Complete the journey with the dreamily Devarana signature massage, starting with warm bamboo stick compress. Stress and tiredness disappear as you imagine a walk along Pattaya’s sandy beach.


This inspiring rejuvenation is available throughout September to November 2016 at all Devarana Spas in Thailand.

The 120-min Pattaya’s Delight includes:

30-min Pattaya’s Local Dessert Body Scrub

90-min Warm Bamboo & Devarana Massage

Price: THB 3,750 net