Soak up the bubbles and 360-degree views with CRU’s new snack menu!


Our sky-scraping Champagne rooftop bar here at Centara Grand focuses on the bubbles and awesome views – but did you know that we also have a rather tasty selection of snacks, too?

Now, you can head up to the 59th floor to try CRU’s brand new snack menu, as well as indulging in one of the most impressive collections of Champagne anywhere in Bangkok.

More about CRU’s new snacks…while our bottles are sourced exclusively from France, our bite-sized dishes on this recently-launched menu feature some of the finest ingredients from all over the world.

Our chef’s signatures include the Kobe Beef Shabu with Enoki and Shiitake mushroom, ‘Lobster Symphony’ (Cognac lobster bisque, lobster tempura, lobster ceviche, lobster jelly with cauliflower cream) and a Crab Salad served with tomato jelly and fennel cream, and French baguette. These are all available in addition to our all-time favorite dishes from before, every day from 17.00 to 01.00 hrs

Below, you can see our full snack menu available at CRU Champagne Bar – one of the highest alfresco Champagne bars in the world. If you would like to reserve a table or find out more, please contact us on +66(0)2 100 6255 or