Millennial User Experience: What Does It Mean For Your Business & Brand? by & Kizmo

Share on Facebook0Share on Google+0Share on LinkedIn0Tweet about this on TwitterPin on Pinterest0Share on Reddit0Share on Tumblr0, a Bangkok networking community for startups and SMEs, and a Thai registered social enterprise, in collaboration with Kizmo, a UX and digital strategy company, recently organized a talk titled “Millennial User Experience: What Does It Mean For Your Business & Brand?” at Work Loft Silom.
The speakers discussed on the importance of user experience, both offline and online, to the millennials, the emerging consumer powerhouse and how brands can connect to this audience.

Pictured are speakers, from Left to Right: Kittima Sethi, Co-founder of Brand Now Co., Ltd., Michael Lisboa, Founder and Experience Strategy Director of Kizmo, Vachara Nivataphand, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer of Priceza, Henning Biskopsto, CEO & Founder of and Pacharee Pantoomano-Pfirsch, Chair of