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Explore the Unique Appeal of “Mieng” The secret recipe only reveals at Smooth Curry restaurant Plaza Athénée Bangkok, A Royal Méridien

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bundles of contrasting and complementing ingredients wrapped in various fresh leaves – is such a classic but often overlooked Thai appetizer, Smooth Curry Thai Restaurant at Plaza Athénée Bangkok, A Royal Méridien Hotel, have dedicated a whole new menu to the dish.

The ideal way to start every Thai dining experience with an authentic kick, the special selections of traditional and creative Mieng recipes feature handpicked leaves, and organically-grown vegetables, herbs and spices, sourced fresh every day and meticulously prepared just before serving.

Mieng Lao - Plaza Athenee Bangkok, A Royal Meridien

Available throughout this September, the tempting menu includes:

Mieng Lao (THB 280) balances an inviting combination of homemade organic rice cracker and sweet marinated minced pork with peanut, then wraps all the flavours in pickled lettuce.

With Mieng Ped Rom Kwan (THB 320) home-smoked duck with green chili sauce finds its soul mate in the fresh spring garden herbs in which it is embraced.

Mieng Moo Yang (THB 280) layers slices of grilled pork neck with rice vermicelli, peanut, ginger, shallot, dried shrimp, lemongrass, coriander and spicy green chili sauce in crisp mixed lettuce leaves.

Mieng Salmon Foo (THB 320) betal leaves barely contain a lavish mix of deep-fried salmon and sweet pork, coriander, pomelo, green mango, peanut and spicy green chili sauce.

Last but not least, Mieng Goong Yang (THB 480) selects farm-fresh lettuce leaves and fills them to bursting with grilled prawns, roasted coconut, shallot, dried shrimp, cucumber, shallot and homemade peanut sauce.

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