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Heritage Group adds premium mineral water ‘Mangiatorella’ to its product line


Heritage Group, a Thai leading premium natural food producer, wholesaler, exporter of nuts, dried fruits and juices, has launched Mangiatorella, an Italy imported mineral water which will be managed by its group’s subsidiary company, Heritage Lab & Life Co., Ltd. The company focuses on health promotion related products according to the increasing trend in consumer behavior.

Mix Pic 2Vasatorn Phonphaisan, Assistant to Business Development Manager, Heritage Lab & Life Co., Ltd. said, “We have deeply studies about the product and are pleased to present Mangiatorella to our Thai customers. Mangiatorella is a natural mineral water inside the national park in Calabria Mountains of the Southern Italy. The area is known as a vast, fascinating and uncontaminated forested landscape or pollution-free environment. The water is soft and easy to drink due to its low hardness from low calcium and magnesium levels, yet provides sufficient essential minerals preventing consumers from mineral deficiency condition. The product is now available in Villa Market, Gourmet, Tops, and Rimping stores”

Mangiatorella’s spring is 1200 m above sea level making natural filtration process longer as the mineral water flows through many rock layers. Mangiatorella aquifer is precious because it is made up from rare crystal rocks (quartz) and specific granite that give low mineralization but high Ion Silica content. These rare rocks have many tiny holes which naturally filter mineral water from contamination better than ordinary rocks.


The very low level of nitrate in Mangiatorella water testifies to the protected and absolutely uncontaminated environment where the spring is located. There are no microbiologicals that may cause diarrhea, flux, or certain diseases. These facts guaranteed that our Mangiatorella is one of the purest mineral water on earth.

Pleasant and balanced taste due to mineral composition: low sodium, high silica, balanced pH value. Mangiatorella is soft and easy to drink. Pleasant taste, low hardness, and lightness of Mangiatorella mineral water enhance consumers’ drinking habit, and make a minimum daily requirement of 8 glasses (2 litres) easier for them to reach. The more water they drink, the more toxins are removed from their bodies.

Sommeliers and chefs also recognize Mangiatorella flavor as a perfect wine and food companion. Mangiatorella is one of the lightest mineral water available on earth with TDS (total dissolved solids) of ONLY 68.8 mg/L. Water is easily introduced into organisms resulting in instant freshness. Mangiatorella has very low level of Bicarbonate, Calcium, and Magnesium. Drinking Mangiatorella every day, consumers’ bodies obtain adequate essential minerals without mineral buildup.


Mangiatorella has high Silica content (20 mg/L) which is accounted for more than 30% of the total minerals. Silica helps protect consumers’ skin from UV light and pollutions. Together with the benefit of drinking water and Silica, their skin will be moisturized, brighten and young through better internal hydration.

The very low Mangiatorella Sodium content is very useful in diets, and prevent and control hypertensive conditions, kidney problem and swell symptom.