Munch’n Kiwiberries – the latest & cutest superfruit to hit Thailand!


Munch’n’ is the much loved kiwiberry brand from New Zealand, giving Bangkok a taste of its deliciously sweet and juicy kiwiberries this March/April. Naturally grown in New Zealand, the superfruit is a tasty little nutritious berry – which looks similar to a ‘snack sized’ kiwifruit – hence it’s name!

Grown in orchards in New Zealand’s sun-drenched Bay of Plenty during the short but sweet period of February to April, the Munch’n kiwiberries are carefully hand-picked, packed and transported to snack lovers across the world, and are now available in Thailand for a limited time.

Sized no larger than a grape, Munch’n kiwiberries can be savoured straight off the tree when ripe – eaten whole without the hassle of peeling, making them a unique convenient snack to carry around and enjoy anytime of the day. The sweet, juicy flesh and smooth, edible skin are simply hard to resist!

Munch’n kiwiberries are not only pleasant on the taste buds, but are also great for health. Developed naturally without any form of genetic modification, Munch’n kiwiberries boast high levels of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Potassium, and antioxidants and give everyone the boost they need. One serving of kiwiberry goodness gives you an incredible two and a half times your recommended daily Vitamin C intake.

There are lots of ways to munch on these delicious superfruit. Perfect for eating any time of the day, kiwiberries make a great addition to cereals, morning smoothies, cheese platters, fruit salads; or they can simply be popped into your mouth whole.

The kiwiberry season is short, so make the most of this delicious fruit while they are still on the shelves in leading supermarkets in Bangkok including Tops, Max Value, The Mall and more! So let’s get Munch’n kiwiberry – the world’s cutest little superfruit!

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