Chulalongkorn University Hosts Global Communication Symposium


Students from around the world presented their international strategic public relations proposals during the 16th annual GlobCom symposium hosted by the Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University, on June 1-3. This is the first time that the GlobCom project event is being hosted in Thailand.

The annual Global Communication project (GlobCom) links students from 15 universities in 15 countries in a competition to produce the best public relations (PR) strategy for a global task. This year, nine international student teams collaborated virtually via online media to develop a strategic PR proposal for INEOS, one of the world’s leading producer of petrochemicals, speciality chemicals and oil products. The topic of the project was to develop and define a positive climate for unconventional energy sources. More than 300 students worldwide collaborated for three months creating campaigns to increase awareness and a better image amongst opinion leaders of using unconventional energy sources.

Local and international experts participated in the symposium to deliver keynote speeches and to participate in panel discussions on sustainable development and energy sourcing. Among them Jane Hammond, member emeritus of International Public Relations Association (UK);  Cristina Ventura, chief catalyst officer at The Lane Crawford Joyce Group (Hong Kong); Dmitry Gavra, chair of the school of journalism and mass communication (Russia); Josep-Maria Carbonell,  dean of the Blanquerna school of communications and international relations (Spain); Smith Boonchutima, ass. prof. from the faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn university (Thailand); Pantharee Yordsree, communications director at Tetra Pak (Thailand), Karin Lohitnavy, Founder of Midas PR Group (Thailand).

“We believe that participating in GlobCom — the largest and oldest university project network in communication studies — contributes to Chulalongkorn’s university international recognition,” said Professor Parichart Sthapitanonda, the dean of the Faculty of Communication Arts.

Dr. Teerada Chongkolrattanaporn, Deputy Dean for Research and International Affairs at the faculty of Communication Arts, added that “GlobCom project not only provides students with the educational challenges and benefits from collaborating in virtual teams, but also gives them a unique opportunity to expand their global outlook, gain cross-cultural experience and learn from a real case through working on a project basis.”

Prior to presenting their proposals, all students were coached in PR pitching by professionals from Thailand’s top PR-agencies. Afterwards the nine international teams presented their projects to the jury, and the winner was selected. The judges included an INEOS representative, industry practitioners, and communication scholars from five countries. All members of the winning team, including a student from Chulalongkorn University Alexander Dang, were awarded with invitations for an internship at INEOS (Germany).