HSMAI Revenue Optimization Conference 2018


HSMAI’s major event for 2018 will attract attendees from all over Asia Pacific. We have the heads of Revenue for Asia Pacific from 12 different brands working madly away to make sure we deliver you the knowledge they know you need to succeed in 2017. The program will focus on helping you maximise the tools you are using today and prepare you for what the future will bring.

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Funding applicable for SINGAPORE RESIDENCE only! Apply for funding BEFORE YOU REGISTER to receive up to 50% off. Grants can take 4-6 weeks to process! Apply for 50% OFF


2 Day Passes include:

  • Full Day Conference,
  • Lunch,
  • Morning & Afternoon Tea,
  • Networking Post Conference with Canapés and Drinks,
  • Full Day Educational Workshops with a Certificate of Attendance

All this from just US$150 for HSMAI Members.