The Thai Green Building Expo and Conference goes ever more Green with Gyproc 3G

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Thai Gypsum Products Public Company Limited, the manufacturer of gypsum innovations over 45 years and of the leading brand Gyproc, is delighted to showcase its latest Green product innovations developed according to the company’s “Gyproc Go Green” methodologies at the 2016 Thai Green Building Expo and Conference. Four highlight product showcases at Gyproc’s booth include Gyproc® Magnetic Plaster, a newly-formulated plaster that transforms normal walls into magnetic areas whilst also covering cracks effectively; Gyproc® HabitoTM, a new option in construction that combines the ideal qualities of Extreme Shock Resistance, Soundproof, and Easy to Install; Glasroc H Ocean, a gypsum board used in wet areas; and Gyproc® ThermaLine®, a special Thermal Insulation board with EPS Hi-Dense sheet offering five times the thermal protection of regular gypsum board.

Thai Green Building  2

This important construction industry forum was created by the Thai Green Building Institute to promote the work of the Institute and develop architectural and engineering professional sustainability (by adapting technology for design, construction and building maintenance to save energy and the environment). “Gyproc Go Green” product development and production methodologies, also known within the industry as Gyproc 3G, are a part of Gyproc’s vision to preserve natural resources and reduce pollution, and is therefore an ideal match for the Thai Green Building Expo and Conference.

Gyproc Go Green’s three components, Green Products, Green Solutions and Green Manufacturing, help preserve natural resources and reduce environmental pollution. The program benefits the health of anyone working in the gypsum production line, as well as installers and end users.

Richard Juggery, Managing Director, Thai Gypsum Products Public Company Limited, explained, “Gyproc 3G defines our internal quest to deliver leading construction industry solutions that are kind to the environment, and kind to everyone who works within our gypsum production family. We continue to lead the market in terms of environmental performance, renewables and recyclables, and so it is with great pleasure we are able to communicate the extensive benefits of Gyproc 3G in partnership with the 2016 Thai Green Building Expo and Conference.”