BITEC Paves the Way for Online Exhibition Services


Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC) is about to roll out a new eCommerce system that will become a milestone for the event industry in Thailand and the region. The online system will allow users to order a wide range of products and services via a convenient and easy to use online system. The experience would be similar to online shopping where users can add items to a virtual shopping cart then checkout and pay for their purchases online. Whereas online shopping is now common practice in retail, BITEC will be one of the leaders in the region to implement such a system in the events and exhibitions industry.

BITEC Online Order is a B2B system, which is designed primarily for event organisers and exhibitors when preparing for events at BITEC. As a customer relationship management system, BITEC Online Order simplifies the process of ordering BITEC products and services. Users can purchase anything for their event from food & beverage, furniture, flowers, plants and even cleaning and advertising solutions. They also benefit from special offers and dynamic pricing such as early bird rates which are only available for online purchases.

Ms. Panittha Buri, Managing Director of BITEC, is confident that BITEC Online Order will be instrumental in shaping the future of the industry. “As the world becomes increasingly digitised and more industries go online, the team at BITEC has taken steps to ensure that the company stays ahead of the trend and delivers a service that not only responds to customers’ needs, but also adds value. With this new system, BITEC takes another step towards becoming the venue of choice in the Asia-Pacific region.”

Ms. Buri continued to say that BITEC online order was officially launched and already strong capability of delivering easy solutions for exhibitions and conventions. “BITEC expansion opened its doors in November 2016. We put everything in place to prepare for the new development, which will support more large scale events and exhibitions in the future. BITEC Online Order is just one piece of the puzzle.

So far, feedback has been positive and strong with customers praising the system for its ease of use. For more information about BITEC Online Order, please visit the website: