NCC-PCO morph into International Marketing Department and establish IMP Division


With our anticipating aim to reach the goal, we set out on our journey full of hope. Beginning with making a wish and blowing candles on the cake which is baked especially for celebrating our progressive movement and for our Executive Vice President’s birthday at the same time. On the cake, we write the word DEPANE depicting our motto as DEvelopment, PArtnership and NEtwork to encapsulate the beliefs together with the ideal guiding principle of success.

Knowing that the strengthening of competitiveness on MICE industry is an urgent need, NCC-PCO decided to employ a strategy in an effort to integrate with International Marketing Department which is proficient and skilled in trade fair to create a holistic service to serve customers’ needs in global stage and to increase market penetration. Think of us whenever you need to transform your conference to a masterpiece!