BIG continues to strengthen in Thailand, bringing new products and brand identity to the Thai market

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BIG, one of the leading global soft drink brands, and part of AJE Group, one of the biggest multinational companies of the beverage industry, has announced its plan to strengthen its brand presence in the Thai soft drink market with a multifaceted communication strategy highlighting every product all under the BIG brand. The strategy is aimed to reinforce BIG’s strong position among Thailand’s soft drink brands. This includes the launch of the new dynamic BIG logo, the two new flavors – BIG Coconut and BIG Lime Soda, along with BIG Aqua drinking water, and the special BIG promotion for last part of 2016. Combined, all of these strategies will further strengthen BIG in the Thai market.


For over 12 years, AJE Group has thrived and grown in the Thai market beverage by introducing outstanding products including soft drinks under the BIG, and drinking water under the Cielo brand, all well received, making BIG one of the most popular brands in Thailand. To reinforce and build on this success, all AJE Group products will now be under the one BIG brand, which includes Cielo transforming to BIG Aqua, with Thai presenters now being fully utilized for all brand communications as BIG products become even more recognizable and memorable for BIG fans throughout the country.

BIG customers will now be able to recognize then new BIG identity on every BIG product under the BIG brand. The label, in both Thai and English, with a bigger font, and eye-catching yellow background, along with an easier to read font. In addition, a striking hummingbird, the smallest bird in the world that is capable of flying amazingly fast, is added to the BIG logo to communicate the personality of the brand: BIG is fearless among the other soft drink brands in the market, while being highly flexible and capable of rapid growth.

Soren Lauridsen, Regional Director Asia of AJE Group and Managing Director of AJE Thai, said “We constantly focus on the importance of the Thai market, as can be seen in our campaigns, as well as product development. With our strong and growing product distribution, we are aiming to cover ever more areas in Thailand, because we know that there are BIG fans in every part of the country. Plus, we want to bring together all the brands to be under one BIG brand to make brand recognition easier for Thai BIG fans.” Soren also added, “BIG activities reflect our brand commitment of ‘Think BIG’ which is at the core of the BIG brand. We do believe that our new beverage innovations and exciting campaigns will capture even more BIG fans in Thailand.”

Thailand is a highly important market for BIG and is considered the hub for its marketing and product development in Southeast Asia. With this in mind, BIG has introduced two new carbonated drink flavors for Thai fans, BIG Coconut and BIG Lime Soda, which create a whole new experience in the soft drink industry by turning the beloved coconut flavor into a more refreshing and fizzy drink, as well as, adding the lime flavor to complement the product line.

BIG, once again, has prepared a BIG promotion for BIG fans for the last of the year. This year, BIG’s campaign is more inspiring than ever, as it looks to take each of 4 lucky winners to 4 countries in Europe: England Italy, France and Switzerland, for 10 days, as well as offering 4 Toyota Revos, 20 Honda MSX motorcycles and 40 Samsung S7 Edge smartphones, for a total of 108 fabulous prizes worth 8 million baht. This new campaign runs from today to 31 December 2016.

BIG is highly committed to Thailand and the Thai market as it further grows and innovates, bringing ever more unique products dynamic innovations to the Kingdom.