Japanese Skin Care Master Rice Force Creates A Light, Healthy Look That Lasts Longer

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Premium Japanese skincare brand RICE FORCE offers a ‘Whitening Clear Essence’ as part of the brand’s Deep Moisture Series.

The main ingredient is 100% natural Japanese rice, the product returns damaged skin to a bright and healthy glow and is proving very popular with discerning Thai consumers, lifting the whitening skincare product to bestseller status.

RICE FORCE 100% natural Japanese white rice essence undergoes a 90-day fermentation process and by changing the length and temperature of this process RICE FORCE creates vast number of completely natural Rice Power® Extract, each with its own unique, undeniable skincare benefits.

Through extensive testing, RICE FORCE researchers discovered a powerful and effective combination of Rice Power® Extract No. 23 and Vitamin C. Together, these two elements create a healing essence that restricts the production of Melanin in the skin, effectively reducing pigmented lesions such as freckles, age spots,acne scars, discoloration and melasma and recovering natural skin balance required for a glowing, clear and bright look and feel.

Unlike other products on the market, RICE FORCE essences have extremely small molecules which are formed through the breakdown of rice over the 90-day fermentation process. These tiny molecules are able to penetrate deep inside the outer layer of the skin and restore it to its natural health and beauty. Resulting in a lighter, healthier look that lasts longer.

The application of the ‘Whitening Clear Essence’ is simple. A small amount of the serum is placed in the palm and gently massaged into the face, paying extra attention to any areas prone to dark spots or dullness. With continuous application, the skin will feel rejuvenated and appear light, natural, healthy glow.

RICE FORCE believes that the safety of their products is just as important as their effectiveness, and each essence therefore undergoes a series of scrutinizing tests before being released. At the dermatology department of Naruto Hospital, Japan, RICE FORCE products are tested using the “skin irritation index” to ensure the potential for irritation is similar, or even lower than that of distilled water.

All RICE FORCE products are fragrance free, colour free, petroleum free and allergy tested. With over 15 million RICE FORCE products sold worldwide, and 99% of customers wanting to use a RICE FORCE products again after their first experience,more and more people are choosing RICE FORCE products daily, including a large number of celebrities.

RICE FORCE products are distributed in Thailand by UNICORN. Order the ‘Whitening Clear Essence’ on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/RiceForceTH), Instagram RiceForceth and Line : @pjl9980z

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