Seoul Viosys Launches Its Most Innovative MOSCLEAN Insect Trap

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Recently Korean innovator Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd. presented the newest model of the Mosclean mosquito trap at Novotel Sukhumvit 20. This cutting edge device captures 5-13 times more mosquitos and other nocturnal insects with UV light that will effectively lure mosquitos into the trap. MOSCLEAN mosquito trap dehydrates, neutralizes and retains insects, creating a clean safer environment for all. To celebrate the kickoff of the MOSCLEAN mosquito trap in Thailand, Seoul Viosys partners with the local retail giant BigC to penetrate the Thai marketplace. Our enchanting guests, Bow Vanda and Mali Sahawong attended the auspicious launch event, showing their support for this beneficial appliance that is safe to use everywhere, including at home, in schools, hospitals, and other establishments.