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A True Story About Getting Beautiful Skin the Natural Way

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Since its recent launch,Story Seoul Skincare is the most innovativecosmetic brand available in Thailand. Its ingredients are carefully selected and used to create skincare products entirely without harmful chemical additives. This approach gives users great results for their skin all while protecting them from the harmful impacts many additives have.

Having experienced the negative effect of chemicals in common cosmeticsherself, Vivian Story decided to create Story Seoul Skincare. This brand uses all the latest technology and knowledge about natural ingredients and their properties but avoids any type of harmful chemical additives used in most cosmetics today.

“60% of what we put on our skin can be directly absorbed into the blood stream. Since we apply cosmetic products daily, using those that are full of chemicals can have a very negative impact on your health. I learned from my own experience, that as soon as you shift to using only natural ingredients, not only your skin, but your overall health improves. This is why I want to share the benefits of Story Seoul with as many people as I can,” explains Vivian Story, the founder and owner of Story Seoul Skincare.

This new brand currently features three signature products: the Purifying Foam Cleanser with PortulacaOleracea and Morus Alba Rootwhose strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help soothe and brighten the skin, the Calming and Revitalizing Toner with Poncirus Trifoliata, an herb that boosts the skin’s collagen production for an anti-aging effect, and the Hydrating Daily Lotion, a moisturizer enhanced with Red Ginseng and SophoraAngustifolia to strengthen the skin’s immunity and help lighten blemishes. All products usethese natural ingredients from Europe and Korea that were carefully chosen based on their unique properties and benefits. Development, production and testing take place in Korea with the help of dermatologists who use the latest technology and know-how to createStory Seoul cosmetics.

Although Story Seoul is still a new brand, it has already gained a large number of repeat users. This is due to the increasing demand for products that use natural ingredients and avoid dangerous chemicals. With the approach that focuses on a healthy attitudetowards beauty, Story Seoul is quickly becoming more popular and will soon start extending its product line to meet demand.

“Story Seoul is quickly attracting new users in the Thai market. The idea of improvingboth their beauty and health in a natural way is becoming more interesting to people as they learn about the possibilities available. People are curious to try it, and often they stay with us once they have seen the results Story Seoul can bring,” says Vivian Story.