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POISE Corporation is taking off its business

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POISE Corporation Co., Ltd was established in March 2016 by a group of highly individual businessmen with solid background from various field from real estate developer to retails business. The core mission of the company is to bring out the best of small-medium size hospitality establishment as well as assist business owners and investor to maximize their capacities in hospitality business.

Tourism business has become the key developing element of Thailand during the past decade. It is evidently apparent by a tremendously increasing of hotel supply as well as number of tourist arrival to Thailand. However, the performance of hotel business particularly small hotels has experiences critical difficulties path in order to be more competitive in the market. Consequently, to assist small hotels to become a healthy entrepreneur is one of challenging path to accomplish our mission.

By doing so, our services were designed in a complete cycle in providing our advisory services under our three main core values of PRECISE, PRACTICALITY and PROFESSIONAL. From a start-up to a well-established hotel, our creative specialized team with keen experience in hospitality field are ready to assist clients with practical time frame to suit your requirement and budget.

Not only our hospitality advisory service, our training academy is one of our key service as well. The academy was set up to grooming valuable asset of human resources as well as strengthen capacity of the team of hotels. With a great success in delivering a practical training to top executive level and hotel owner, we feel confident that our training courses are unique with practical advices for immediate implementation.

“We aim to help small hotels to reach its maximum potential and at the same time building a good asset of hospitality working force” said the Chief Executive Officers, Khun Pornchai Techakraisri and Khun Charnchai Suewongprayoon.

Being SMALL, it does not mean that you have limitations in doing business. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to maximize limited resources to produce an optimized result at satisfaction level.