The IKEA Southeast Asia 2017 Annual Report


The report provides a colourful summary of the last year for the owner and operator of IKEA stores in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. It includes stories about our business, our products, our people, our expansion ambitions and our efforts to create a positive impact. Inside, you can find out how we:
– Delivered a great day out and affordable home furnishings to more than 71 million visitors to our stores and centres across the region
– Managed a massive range-change to improve our furniture’s resistance to humidity
– Launched ecommerce in Singapore and prepared for web shop in Malaysia & Thailand
– Opened an IKEA store in southern Malaysia
– Opened a shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur
– Opened Food Walk extension at Megabangna in Bangkok
– Established a start-up team in Philippines
– Contributed 1.6 million to good causes, including Mechai Bamboo School in Buriram
– Engaged our co-workers and sparked a conversation about paternity leave

We also provide an honest look at our results in IKEA Customer Satisfaction Surveys (in our stores) and Brand Capital surveys (online). In Thailand, we saw that we have a journey ahead to secure “top of mind” awareness but were pleased to report a large leap in the number of people in Thailand who trust in IKEA and love our products.