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TrueMove H Obtains 1800-MHz Frequency Auction Document for Further Consideration

TrueMove H’s representative today paid a visit to the Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) to pick up the prospectus relating to the upcoming 1800MHz frequency auction.

The Company said that is the role of mobile operators to take this opportunity to study and acknowledge conditions of the auction. TrueMove H has hired a third party world-class business consultant to conduct a feasibility study on the investment in frequencies which are up for auction. However, TrueMove H believes the multitude of its existing frequencies with a combined bandwidth of up to 55MHz currently serves the demand for data of its 27 million subscribers well, and will remain sufficient and efficient enough to accommodate future growth in doubling its subscriber base.

In relation to the NBTC setting the starting price of the auction at the final price of the previous 1800 MHz frequency auction, the Company believes this will create a level playing field as the starting price is considered reasonable.

Taking into account TrueMove H’s current portfolio of frequencies as well as the auction price, the Company’s management does not see the necessity to acquire additional frequencies as this contains sufficient spectra for both present and future businesses. However, the decision on whether to participate in the auction will depend on the results of the feasibility study being conducted by the business consultant as well as the resolution of the Company’s Board of Directors.