BBNova, new B2B E-commerce Platform released to improving the trade between CLMV countries. Commerce is easy at your fingertip.

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BBNova, the complete B2B E-Commerce Platform especially for exports is to promote SME and OTOP products both in Thailand and ASEAN countries to global market. BBNova will help improve the trade with One -Stop Service in 3 languages as well as the CLMV language translation service. This will help increase the trade potential, revenue to communities and develop the domestic economy both in Thailand and ASEAN countries. BBNova is also selected by Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand to display Startup Showcase Project in TIDE 2106:B2B E-Commerce. Moreover, they are planning to launch BBBiz, the first application for business negotiation in Thailand.

Dr.EkkasitTiamkaew, Managing Director of Ezkae Co., Ltd. reveals that BBNova is B2B E-Commerce Platform for ASEAN. The objective is to increase the market connectivity of entrepreneurs both in Thailand and ASEAN with the world wide traders with Slogan, “BBNova: Commercing ASEAN.” This will help the international commerce more convenient and easier for every type of traders. BBNova’s One-Stop Service is ready to facilitate both entrepreneurs and buyers/ consumers. Being selected by Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand to display Startup Showcase Project in TIDE 2106:B2B E-Commerce is also a proof of BBNova’s credibility.

BBNova is the E-Commerce Platform that the traders could use to run the online wholesale business both in Thailand and ASEAN countries. Using the Information Technology and Online Marketing techniques will help expand the products details to global market. Traders then could directly sell their products to consumers in other countries. This improves the suppliers’ abilities to compete, increases the revenue of communities and develops the domestic economy both in Thailand and ASEAN countries. BBNova Platform also reserves spaces for its strategic partners to provide their services to the users who really need them, at the instant they are really in need, which will help increase the business efficiency for both the entrepreneurs and the service providers.

Details and working process of BBNova could be devided to as follows:

1.) A place where several of our strategic partners can offer their International Trading Services, to broadcast the information which will facilitate users, for example;
-Bank: to provide financial service for both entrepreneurs and buyers.
-Trader: to distribute the products, prepare the necessary trading documents.
-Legal Consultant Company: to advise about the International Trading Law, Custom and etc,…
– Others: Language Translation, Photographs and Videos, Online Marketing, Event Display and etc,…
2.) To support 3 main Languages which are Thai, English and Chinese. Users can also instantly select the Language Translation service.
-The system provides the CLMV (Cambodian, Lao, Burmese and Vietnamese) Language Translation service. The company is also planning to cover the other Languages Translation in the near future.
3.) Automatically learning and adapting to consumers behavior
-When a user/ consumer logs in, the platform system will memorize and learn about the consumers’ behavior, and subsequently adjust the products display to match the consumers’ needs.
-When finding a product in platform, buyers will find the products which match their needs the most.
4.) Products Recommendation will match the consumers behavior through the online channels.
-Besides recommending the products through Trending Products and Hot Products Lists, the platform will also offer other products which tend to match consumers’ interest through other website, Social Media and Emails. Buyers also increase the Cross-Sell Opportunities.
-Sending the promotion to buyers/ consumers using the database of past consumers behavior, the history of purchasing through Social Media, via Emails and other channels, which may cause Resell and Up-sell.
5.) One Stop Service which covers the beginning process through the end. For example, Payment Status Checking System, International Shipping from selected company, etc.
6.) To increase the chance of selling with better photographs and videos which will show the products details and draw attention of consumers. Especially, these days, people are tending to watch more videos and photos.
7.) To penetrate the Chinese and CLMV Market through the efficient and various channels.
-Through the online channels. The company has a service team located in China, so the information of Platform Users (text, photos and videos) will definitely show up in online channels in China
-Business Matching, Event Display with a team who has PR channels and well connectivities with foreign countries.
8.) To support the Online Marketing
-Besides the mentioned online market channels above, the company has other online Marketing channels through searching on Google and Advertisement on other Online Media.
9.) To increase the competitive trade potential
-Regularly providing the Marketing Strategy training or seminar to entrepreneurs through Face to Face seminar, Online videos and Manual/ guide on Platform.


Dr.Ekkasit continues saying that BBNova has a machine learning system according to Consumers’ behaviors, which will help increase the Business Efficiency. BBNova is not a general Products Selling website that anyone could use, but the company has a user selection process to help build up the real Traders Community in the Platform. The launching Negotiation Business Application also has Machine Learning System which memorize the users behaviors and other connected organizations in the Platform to broadcast the useful information to Traders and Buyers.

We started displaying BBNova in the events in foreign countries like Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. In near future, we will continuously be displaying BBNova in foreign countries to conform to the Online Marketing for B2B Business. We will support the products information searching through the searching websites, along with using Social Media strategy in China.

The objectives of BBNova is to build up the real Traders Community for Business Negotiation with Foreign Trading Partners and to expand the opportunities for the Traders who has potential, with a Fair Trade policy. This will help created unlimited International Business opportunities. We target 20,000 traders within 2 years, and will start displaying BBNova in Foreign Countries to embrace the traders in ASEAN Countries and to make BBNova the platform for the Real Traders both from Thailand and ASEAN Countries according to the Slogan “BBNova: Commercing ASEAN.”

Interested suppliers can contact for more information by e-mail: or Line: @BBNova.