BMP Pushes Thai SME to Market in China Introducing Chinese Net-idol Amazing Live Project Targeting 500MB revenue

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BMP (Thailand) Co Ltd penetrates the market of China through online Taobao app – China’s number one shopping website. The company also launches “50 Chinese Net-idol Amazing Live in Thailand 2016” project, to create a phenomenon of presenting products through a live battle – to send products to Chinese customers in the mainland. The project expects to make more than 500 million baht in the first year.
“The obstacles of Thai SMEs in unsuccessfuly settling with Chinese traders can be resulted from a number of factors which include not knowing the distributors or distributing system, forced low price. The company has come up with an idea to “win the Chinese” with C-commerce, offering teams of experts who will provide consults and planning in every process for investors which include strategic planning, market search, product logistic and money collection system. The system will facilitate business operators to successfully match their business with operators in China. The platform to “win the Chinese” will be only a guideline for business operators to follow while every working process will be assigned to another sister company to coach Thai investors. The process aims to bring Thai SMEs to expand its market in China. The products on demand in China can be divided into five main categories; food, consumer products, cosmetic products, spa products, and unique fashion from Thailand. Currently, there are more than 100 SMEs participating in the project. The project expects too have about 4,000 SME operators within on year after its official launch,” said Onuma Kulnak, CEO of BMP (Thailand) Co Ltd – a company that connects Chinese and Thai trades.

The recently-launched “50 Chinese Net-idol Amazing Live in Thailand 2016” project has become a phenomenon of Thailand. The project presents products, which are ready to be delivered to Chinese customers in the mainland, through a live battle online. Pre launch live battle with four Chinese Net-idol have staged a six-hour live battle show between 3pm and 9pm on August 28. A new large-scale show will be premiered on October 7 to 9.

The company has targeted on delivering products worth more than 500 million baht on the first year from Thailand to China. Presented through content-oriented style, the project will be directed by outstanding content director from China. The battle will be broadcast live on Taobao app, which has been listed one of China’s three larest e-commerce websites.

“We have combined trend and technology to penetrate a market and create brand awareness by using top five net idols. The top five net idols are: Johnny, a model who have more than two million followers on his blog; Shi yang, a blogger with more than 700,000 followers; Lin Chu Han, a photographer who has over 500,000 followers; Ziwang, an actor who has more than 960,000 followers. These net idols will be participating in the live battle, added Onuma.

In the digital era where the world has become smaller, international trade has also become a simple issue. China is the world’s highest potential country to trade with. However, there are very few who know how to trade with the Chinese. What has become the world’s most powerful tool to deal with the Chinese customers in China? About 45% of Chinese are using live or live platform to shop online.
The outstanding feature of Taobao live is the efficiency of the deal closure which happens almost immediately. The platform has become a most efficient channel to reach out to the Chiense customers and increase business opportunity for Thai invest, as well as raise brand awareness. The platform is considered a shortcut for Thai SMEs and has received support from Bangkok Bank.

The company has launched three companies to be responsible for the sales which are GM Multimedia Group Co Ltd, Asian Panorama, and Hurk Communication Co Ltd to represent the project. A 79,000-baht package has been launched to help Thai SMEs to distribute their products in China through 50 Chinese Net-idol Amazing Live in Thailand 2016. The package will help bring the company to penetrate the market in China and help with marketing strategy for the next five years. The company is confident that the strategy will help push the sales for Thai SMEs and the business into the China market.

“The outstanding point of C-Commerce is the increasing channels of distribution and service that will enhance the business, ease the problems of distance and different time zone,” concluded Onuma.