Green tours in Central Thailand

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Fertile water rich Central Thailand also leads in conserving water and related natural resources. A few projects in the region make good green attractions because of their natural beauty.Laem Phak Bia Environmental Research and Development Project (LERD)

Project: Tackling damage to environment is a worldwide priority and tourism can be a key contributor to it. Royal initiation of His Majesty the King at Petchaburi shows how simple and effective sustainable process using natural means for both solid waste and wastewater treatment of municipal waste water in the region can be replicated anywhere to reverse deterioration of natural resources and provide various economic means for locals.

Activities: Riding on the purpose created open vans through vast fields with expert guide explaining the process makes an interesting way of learning. Presence of plenty of birds, fish and even giant monitor lizards not just makes a good sight but shows the project’s benefits. Walking through mangroves on the 750 meter long raised wooden pathway and spotting variety sea life is a fun activity. We could actually see the fisherman walking with bountiful catch on the ocean bed. Earlier, fishermen had to take their boats deep into the sea to catch fish.


Amazing factor: How waste water from 100,000 homes in Petchaburi is treated and recycled at LERD to grow grass, plants and multiply fish life, providing raw material basketry and other artefacts and fresh, variety seafood to locals and visitors.


Royal Sea Farming and Aquaculture Demonstration Project

Project: This initiative by Her Majesty Queen Sirikit disseminates information on fisheries and aquaculture related knowledge and technologies to farmers.


visitors watching variety fish at Royal Sea Farming project

Activites: viewing colourful, big fish in large aquariums and interesting sea weed production. Walk along the long road with hybrid coconut palms is pleasant. Tasting healthy and expensive sea weed and variety new juices is an adventure too.

Walk through mangroves at LERD center
Walk through mangroves at LERD center

Amazing:  How beautiful grape seed sea weed is and its importance in nutrition, especially to expecting mothers. No wonder the weed’s price goes up to  800 Baht per kilo.


Grape sea weed for eating

Kanghuntong Sea Salt Spa

Project: Kanghuntong (Golden Windmill) housed in a large Thai style house produces variety healing salts by combining special, indigenous pure salt crystals of Phetchaburi with Thai herbs. Resulting skin treatment products are popular as beauty enriching products.

Sompong Nusard of Kanghuntong Sea Salt Occupation Group
Sompong Nusard of Kanghuntong Sea Salt Occupation Group

Activities: Try soothing warm, salt water foot scrub, body and facial massages at the open-air deck overlooking salt fields. Make your own colourful aroma salt pack into the glass bottle. Buy various products like soaps, creams and salts. Taste Thai’s popular steamed palm cake.

Amazing:  To see how Thai people have mastered the art of mixing herbs and special salts to give those special massages that the country is famous for- a relaxing holiday.


visiotrs making their own sea salt packs

Think green when you are travelling or sending clients to Thailand next time and enjoy picturesque nature of the land along with signature hospitality of its people.

Written by Anand & Madhura Katti