Green tours in Thailand

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Central Thailand, starting from Bangkok and stretching along Chao Phraya River basin is a fertile land with green cover. We found eco-tours through green pastures of Central Thailand refreshingly different and suitable for eco-tourism enthusiasts and repeat visitors to Thailand who are looking for different sights. A good way to enjoy it is by following the keen initiatives of the Royals- Queen Sirikit and King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand that were started to improve citizens’ life through natural sustainability and make for relaxing and learning visits. What is more, these beautiful additions to the country’s attractions come with beaches, shopping, entertainment and the same signature Thai hospitality.

Thai Royals had planted the first mangrove plants in 1998

Here we present the first of three part series of the pictorial journey through picturesque Central Thailand.

Thai Song Dam Cultural Centre

Activities: Learn about the lifestyle of the migratory tribe Song Dam from Vietnam and Laos who wear black, join them in their elegant dance and enjoy freshly cooked delicious, spicy food at the specially built visitor centre in the huge natural complex. Model houses, 5 different costumes and cuisine (mainly grilled or steamed) are on display. Visitors can watch cloth being oven, bamboo baskets being made and intricate embroidery stitched onto the black cloth.

View from the observation tower at Srinart Rajini Ecosystem Learning Centre

Amazing factor: Retention of native lifestyle by the small community after 200 years of migration and their adaptation to the adopted land.

Location: At Phetchaburi, 2 hours drive from Bangkok

Enthusiasts cycling the 850 meter track along the mangroves

Srinart Rajini Ecosystem Learning Centre

Activities: Breathe-in fresh air and sights with practical on field learning about the types, function and importance of mangroves to the coastal eco-system. Mangrove nature trail, cycling tours on the 850 meter long tracks through vast spreads of mangroves. Climbing up the two storey observation tower for a panoramic view of robustly grown green mangroves and tasting mangrove bark jelly sweets.

Fresh seafood served by a Thai song Dam lady

Amazing factor:  Beautiful vast stretch of this green haven is actually the result of converting depleted shrimp concession area. Specially planted mangroves have revived growth of variety fish species available for seafood.

Location: Pran Buri

welcome team at Thai Song Dam Cultural Centre

Stay option: Aleenta Hua Hin Resort & Spa in Pran Buri is a boutique luxury property featuring 25 unique, eco-friendly residences, most with a private pool or a Jacuzzi facing the beautiful, deserted beach. Open air bathrooms, private gardens and personalised service make it a memorable stay. They employ local staff and source local food from within 30 kilometers.

Basketary by Thai Song Dam Man

Written by Anand & Madhura Katti