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Khao San Rd vendors set own regulations

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More than 100 street vendors and business owners on Khao San Road have laid down their own regulations to keep street vending under control on the famous street.


The Association of Khao San Road Vendors President, Mrs. Yada Pornphetrumpha, said Khao San Road vendors and business representatives have come up with a set of regulations during their meeting to keep street vendors organized as they fear allowing the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) to handle the matter would affect local tourism.

Some of the rules include determining the size of space each vendor is allowed to set up their booths and making footpaths more accessible to pedestrians. Mrs. Yada also called on the BMA to be in constant communication with the vendors, claiming that vendors have not been informed of any of the BMA’s plans.

Cultural Council of Phra Nakhon district Chairman Wisut Kittiweechoti said he agreed with the move particularly when it comes to the sale of alcohol, noise pollution and illegal migrants selling items on the street. He also said it would have significant impact on businesses and tourism if the street vending was only allowed on Thursdays, Fridays and the weekends.